Custom Garage Conversion Design Ideas in Los Gatos, CA; Guest Living Quarters & More

Many homeowners are presented with the challenge of finding a safe place to park their RVs, boats or other recreational vehicles. Many will rent expensive public storage spaces just to have somewhere to put their recreational vehicle. However, more and more homeowners prefer to build a custom RV or recreational parking garage right on their own property. This provides the owners more peace of mind that that their vehicles are safe and they save more money down the road. Where building an RV parking garage may be an upfront investment they can save more from no longer paying monthly renting fees. If you’re considering building a recreational parking garage, allow Future Vision Remodeling to share a few ideas with you before you begin construction.

Match Style of Garage to Home

The style of the garage should match the style of the home to bring unity and maintain value of the home and property. However, one major decision you’ll need to make is whether to have the garage attached to the home or have it separate. Each poses their own set of pros and cons. Many like the immediate access of the garage being attached to their home. However, if you’re adding on to an existing building location, this can pose a problem with permit restriction. Permits will vary when it comes to placement of the structure. Many homeowners will sometimes build more than just a recreational vehicle garage. Some will have a guest home as well. Many will take the opportunity to add extra living quarters or even, mechanic, wood working, or hobby workshops.

Ideas to Convert a Garage into a Room

Guest Quarters: For those who may want to provide an extra living space for guests or family members that may regularly visit, you may want to consider building RV parking with living quarters to provide a safe parking place for your recreational vehicles and provide your guests with their own living space. Many will have at the very least, a single bedroom, bath, kitchen, living room or entertainment areas, and laundry room to provide their guests with all the needs of a home.
Hobby and Workshops: For those with rather messy hobbies that may require your own working space, again combining your hobby workshop with your recreational garage often goes hand in hand. For those who like to work on cars and need a full mechanics work area, make sure to design your RV garage with all features, equipment and tools for working on your toys. However, don’t forget to install good lighting, music and small TV for basic entertainment while engaging in your favorite hobbies.
Man Cave: Let’s not forget the man cave. Don’t be shy in designing your recreational garage with some added space for a man cave. Depending on the individual, the needs of said man cave can vary. Some may want a small bar and pool table for hanging out with friends. You can include a worthy entertainment system to watch the game with friends and family as well keep the excitement away from the home and contained in the man cave.

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Don’t feel limited to building a structure just to house your recreational vehicles. You can still include an office, reading, as well as guest housing, workshops or the man cave. Depending on the design, you can even build two stories to where more than just one extra feature can be added to your recreational garage. If you need help designing or need a contractor to help bring the convenience of your own recreational parking garage to your home, then contact Future Vision Remodeling today.

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