Luxury Home Modifications for Aging in Place in Sunnyvale, CA; Shower Designs & More

Where you have a home in which you plan to live out the rest of your life, often you will make changes to suit your needs or better fit your personality. However their will come a time when you may want to change your home again to help you and/or your loved ones as they age. It is no secret that simple every day things become more difficult as a person ages. This is why you may want to consider a few home remodeling projects to make your home easier to manage as you or a household member reaches the more golden years of life. Future Vision Remodeling has a few suggestions for “again in place” remodeling projects.

Ideas for High End Aging in Place Design Features

1. Elevators: A home is a life time investment. Many people don’t want to sell their home to start over again, even as they age and may want a smaller home. This is true especially when a person has a two story home. Often you will hear stories of the elderly abandoning the second story just because they can no longer climb the stairs. One consideration is installing an elevator inside your home. Elevators can be tricky depending on the home’s layout and they will take up some additional space. However for those who want to be able to access their entire home, whether they have a basement or second floor in their home, an elevator can provide safe and easy access.
2. No Step Entry: For the elderly person who uses a walker, cane or may even be in a wheelchair you may want to consider changing your main entry point with a no step entry. However, where constructing a no step entry may be relatively easy, it also poses a few challenges. A no step entry isn’t just making the ground level with the door way. You must also consider how to prevent outside elements from entering inside the home, mostly rain. If the outside step is level with the rest of the house, then water, dust and debris can come in more easily. Often a no step entry remodeling project may include adding some additional work to the door ways or porch to make sure the home will not be exposed to the outside elements which can cause later damages.
3. Widening Doorways and Hallways: Another consideration is widening all doorways and thresholds. In the event the elderly members of the home is using a cane, walker, or in a wheelchair, providing more room between doors and thresholds can help making maneuvering around the home much more easier. Another consideration is widening hallways. Most hallways are usually wide enough but in some homes they may be too narrow. If the hallway doesn’t need to be widened, another encouraged feature is adding hand rails in hallways to provide extra support and balance.
4. Walk-In Tub or Shower Seats: Bathing is often a challenge for the elderly. Stepping over bathtubs or standing in a shower can take its toll. Installing a walk in bathtub makes bathing much easier, especially for those who love to rest their aching body in the hot water. For those who love their baths, consider a walk-in bath tub. For those shower lovers, if you’re finding it difficult to stay standing, shower seats may be what you need. Installing a beautifully designed shower seat provides you the chance to sit while you shower. Combined with a grip style shower floor, you can rest and shower safely. While you’re remodeling your shower, consider installing a shower door versus a sliding door. Doors can provide a big access space versus a sliding door and many prefer the bigger opening to make it easier to maneuver in and out of the shower.

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As you enter the later part of your years, consider making a few remodeling changes to your home to make your home more comfortable and easier to do everyday tasks. Future Vision Remodeling provides aging in place remodeling services and can help make your home just right for you. Contact Future Vision Remodeling today!

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