Entertainment Room Ideas in Cupertino, CA; Home Theater Bar, Modern Media & Game Rooms & More

When you want an entertainment room it doesn’t have to be just an elaborate TV center. You can create a place to host small gatherings to enjoy music, drinks and games. When designing for the ultimate entertainment room, Future Vision Remodeling will share a few ideas and features you can add to your remodel.

Hobby & Game Room

When designing and remodeling an entertainment room, consider your hobbies such as playing pool, air hockey, or ping pong. You can have an entire area in your entertainment room dedicated for games and hobbies. Many more people are deep into video games and virtual reality gaming which requires a certain amount of space. When designing for your hobbies, consider the space needed. A pool table needs a large space for players to properly move around and to line up shots.

Modern Music & Media Room

When hanging out playing games, relaxing, or talking with family or friends, it never hurts to have some music playing to add to the atmosphere. When designing the ultimate music system, design for surround sound, and plenty of control options. However, music, movies, or the sounds of talking and laughing can get very loud! When designing an entertainment room, consider soundproofing to keep the rest of the household happy. Make sure to install quality insulation and other sound reducing materials such as carpet.

Home Theater Bar Counter

In your entertainment room consider adding a bar. Providing cold drinks and snacks can make hanging out more enjoyable for everyone. Depending on the size of the room you can have a bar table, chairs, a mini-refrigerator or a wine refrigerator with a hanging wine glass mount. Designing a bar can be limitless and is a great addition to any entertainment room.

TV Room Design

What is an entertainment room without a television with surround sound? When planning to design a media center, consider a built in entertainment center. There are tons of designs you can use to create your own ultimate media center. Don’t forget space for couches or go all out with theater style seating.

Family Entertainment Room, Man Cave or Other

When designing for an entertainment room, consider who will be spending most of the time in the room. Is the room for kids? Is it a man’s cave, or is it for the ladies? Make sure to design the room for those who will be using the room.

Increased Space in Entertainment Room

When planning an entertainment room, consider all of the features you will want to add that will make your home life more enjoyable. However, stay realistic. Too often designs can go wrong because there are too many features in too small a space. When you want certain features to be part of your entertainment room, properly calculate space. You may find you don’t have enough room. There are a few options at this point. You can reduce what features you want or make the room bigger. There are a few ways you can create more space. Walls can be removed if they are not load barring. Another option is to extend the exterior walls out creating an add-on. You can also build up adding an additional floor for your entertainment room.

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