How to Design a Home Remodel for Entertaining in Mountain View, CA; Open Floor Plan & More

Every person has a unique personality that makes them special. Watching personalities develop over the years is fascinating to watch and to think about. As people grow and mature they learn who they are and what makes them tick. As you learn about who you are and what makes you happy you may learn that you are a natural gatherer. Some people just have a natural affinity for hosting events. If you are a party planner by nature having a home that makes that possible will be important to you. Frequently Future Vision Remodeling is hired to help turn homes into an amazing entertaining space.

Open Concept Floor Plan

As we have helped design and remodel homes to help turn them into the perfect entertaining homes we have come up with some tips and things for you to think about. When we come to help start the designing process most people that like to entertain want to open up their space to accommodate a crowd. When your main entertaining space is large and open it can accommodate a large group of people with ease. When you think about all of the options for how to create this large open space it may be overwhelming. Lots of times homeowners do not have the background knowledge to know which walls are load bearing walls; where plumbing is located; and where electrical lines are already running. All of these factors will need to be taken into account before you decide the best option for opening up your space. When we come out and look at your house we can talk through all of these options with you.

Small Sitting Area & Open Floor Plans

In addition to a large open space for people to gather you will also want to consider where your party guests that do not love a large crowd can still come and participate in the party without feeling anxious about the crowd. Many people will incorporate a small sitting area that is still open to the main party area but still gives them a little distance.

Where Should Bathrooms Be Located in Your House?

One detail that homeowners sometimes forget about is a bathroom area for their guests to use during the party. You will want to consider where your bathroom is located. If your bathroom is in a place where your guests would have to walk through a large portion of your house to get to it you may want to consider building an additional bathroom.

Gourmet Kitchen Designs

You will also need an area for food prep and service. What kind of kitchen design you want will be determined by whether or not you do the cooking yourself or if you are catering your event. If you like to cook for your parties you will want to make sure that you have a kitchen layout with plenty of space for you to cook for a crowd. Most of the time having a butler pantry or a large island is something that hostesses feel like they cannot live without.

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