Estimating in Building Construction & Home Remodeling in San Jose, CA; Renovation Expenses, Schedule, Timeline, Order of Work & More

Going to remodel your digs? Got a budget? Does your plan match your budget? It’s a good idea to learn about the art of Estimating or least have a handle on the process!

Home Remodel Expenses Include:

Permits: things like fences additions and other major structural changes will require a building permit.
Plans. Everything from a sketch to formal set of plans is necessary. Plans are needed if a permit is required.
Tools – if you’re going the DIY route you may have to include the purchase or rental price of any specialized tools and equipment that may not be in your current tool box.
Labor. Some projects by code require certified personnel or specialized knowledge or equipment may entail hiring a contractor for different phases of the remodel. Some may hire a friend or acquaintance. For heavy yard work casual labor might prove the ideal route. If you know the crew it is surprising what amount of work you can get for a case of their favorite brew.
Materials – your budget has to include materials; sheet rock, lumber, tile, thin set or mastic for tile.
Appliances & Fixtures – generally a kitchen will entail the purchase of new appliances, bathroom and kitchens will call for fixture replacements.
Over-runs & Change Orders – figure in about 10% to cover anything you may have forgotten or that may rear its ugly head during the project. Sometimes circumstances arise that cannot be planed for. If everything goes smoothly, the 10% may cover some upgrades. Other times a better unplanned solution may become evident during remodeling process. A cushion in the budget can accommodate these changes.

Hiring Licensed Home Renovation Contractors

Hired labor is a little harder to plan for, and not being a professional it is hard to plan on completion time of certain phases. You can put this up to bid. Do at least a cursory background check of the contractor, the contractor’s board has ratings, and unless it is a friend offering his services, make sure they’re licensed contractors. Sometimes the low bid is not the best bet.

House Renovation Timeline & Order of Construction Work

Most projects are completed in phases. There are considerations and decisions related to accommodating the family during construction. Like a kitchen remodel. How do you serve meals while the kitchen is down, perhaps for a week or more? Eat out or break out the camp stove. It must be part of the plan and budget. Two or more bathrooms, never do them both at the same time. Bathrooms are a very important feature and high traffic area of the home.
Bedrooms offer more flexibility, you can always put the occupants in the family or living room for the few days the remodel takes place.

Home Remodel Schedule & Phases

• There is the demolition phase, where the old is removed.
• Clean-up phase prior to starting the remodel.
• Construction phase, the actual building and construction.
• Post construction clean-up.
• Appliance and or fixture installation.
• Final clean-up

Whole Home Remodeling, Room Additions & More in Redwood City, Foster City & Greater San Jose, California

Even if you are a DIYer you will want to complete a final inspection and write up a ‘punch list’ of items that need attention. Paint scratched during an appliance install, and loose tile or other imperfections that need to be addressed before utilizing the area. Estimating the cost and assigning a budget and sticking to it are the challenges faced in a remodel, but necessary for a smoother running project. Oh there will be stress and decisions made, unforeseen problems solved, but planning and a thoroughly researched budget can even the transition. All of this needs to be done pre-remodel or you may be overwhelmed and find that obtaining the services of a licensed contractor is the way to go, even if you decide to handle certain aspects of the remodel. Consult and come to an accommodation of the division of labor and cost that you are willing to contribute to the project versus the contractors bid. Contact Future Vision Remodeling to discuss your next project. We can handle every phase of the construction process to give you the home of your dreams!

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