Why Is Fire, Smoke & Water Damage Restoration So Important in Foster City, CA? Often Need New Flooring Installed, Walls Rebuilt & More

If you have ever been through a residential house fire you already know the devastation that can occur. A fire is so invasive and the damage that can be done is extensive. The fire will not only displace you and make it so that you are not able to live in the home but you have to decide the best way to clean up. Most people don’t want to be out of the house for long and there is a lot that has to be done. The first step is to go through when the house is safe and look for items that are salvageable. These items may need to be treated to get the smell of smoke out of them. They also may need to be treated for some water damage as a secondary aspect of a fire. The next step is to decide what you need to do to restore the home after all the damage. The problem is that whether the fire is small or large, the damage can be substantial and the work may take some time. These repairs have to be done correctly to ensure that the smell and the entire burnt areas are removed.

Future Vision Remodeling Explains What is Involved When Rebuilding a House After a Fire

Damage from the Flames of Fire: The main part of the damage that occurs from a fire is the areas that have been affected by the actual flames. If you look around your home the majority of the items are flammable and will feed a fire to allow it to spread. Anything that is made of fabric or wood will go up in flames. The flames will disintegrate whatever it touches and a lot of that will not be able to be repaired. It will need to be replaced all together. The flames can reach far and wide and spread so fast that it will engulf an entire room in a short amount of time.
Smoke Damage: The flames are only a part of the problem with a house fire. The other huge problem is the smoke. You may not realize it but the smoke can actually cause just as much damage as the flames too. The smoke is able to reach areas that the flames are not. The other problem is that the smoke can fill up an entire house and cause damage in rooms that were not affected by the flames. The smoke damage has to be treated properly and sealed up so that the smell and odor does not linger.
Water Damage After Fire: Even though you have to deal with flames and smoke the damage is not over. The fire department will be out to stop the fire and that is usually with water. The water will then soak into the walls, floors and the furniture which will need to be treated.

Fire & Water Damage Restoration & More in Redwood City, Foster City & Greater San Jose, California

If you have suffered from a fire you want to ensure that you hire a professional to do the work and remodeling. Fire and water damage restoration are not small jobs. Fire and water don’t just affect your belongings. They affect the structure of the home. Often new flooring needs to be installed and new walls built. There are many considerations to be made and it’s best to consult a professional like Future Vision Remodeling as we have expertise and experience in custom home building and remodeling. Contact us for all your home improvement needs!

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