Garage Remodel into Luxury Car Storage in Belmont, CA; 4 Car Garage Plans & More

When the garage is due for a makeover, it does not have to be transformed into a bedroom, or a game room, but a luxury garage, and one that is equipped to better accommodate luxury vehicles. Where the garage is often an afterthought, at best, more and more homeowners are seeing the potential the garage has to offer an upscale home. People are appreciating a garage that offers more space, storage, and complete with a modern aesthetic. Those with Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Lamborghini, or Tesla vehicles hardly want to park their treasures in the driveway. By giving your garage a remodel, you can a better garage to protect your beauties. With this in mind, we at Future Vision Home Remodeling would like to elaborate on remodeling your garage.

4 Car Garage with Living or Working Quarters

In an age where it goes beyond his and her vehicles, teenagers driving their vehicles, or even small business owners having multiple cars for their business, the two-car garage is not enough and people are turning heads with homes that feature 4-car garages and a lot of space to keep the garage organized and room to complete hobbies or storage options. Whether you like to tinker, or just admire the corvette purring in the garage, there is no reason why the garage cannot be more fitting to the rest of the house and your style.

Custom Garage Storage Solutions

There are countless reasons why anyone needs to have adequate storing options. From holiday décor, to tools, hobby paraphernalia, and so much more, the storage solutions can help keep your garage cleaner and better organized. Cabinets, shelving, and even countertops and/or islands can contribute to making the garage better.

More Space in Garage

As mentioned, many home buyers are looking for better accommodations keeping their luxury vehicles better protected. Adding more space to provide the room you need for your day-to-day living can make a big difference. Whether you need an add-on, or a simple expansion, you can get the garage more to your liking.

Higher Quality Garage Design Options

While redesigning the garage, the flooring and door can have better quality features. The flooring, with a modern polyaspartic coating, can make a huge difference in how your garage looks and function. Some benefits include easy application, resist impact and abrasions, increased durability, and resistant of household chemicals and automotive fluids.

Prominent Garage Curb Appeal

Upgrading the garage door will improve the curb appeal. A third of your home’s front exterior can be easily accounted for with the garage door. Being so prominent, means the outdated garage door is unfitting. With a fresh, modern garage door, you can a have a visually striking aesthetic with an aluminum frame with glass panels. Having beautiful window designs incorporated into the doors in a number of configurations with durable steel garage door can be fitting as well.

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No matter how you want the garage remodeled, we at Future Vision Remodeling can offer luxury solutions to make your garage more accommodating for your needs. Call us today to schedule your consultation and we can answer any of your questions and offer recommendations to maximize your garage.

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