Home Remodeling, Addition & Upgrade Projects that Require a Permit in Alum Rock, CA

When it comes to any major home remodeling project you may wonder if you will need a permit or if you can continue without one. There are many home remodeling projects that actually do require a permit that will be filed with the city records, while others are not required. In most cases your hired contractor will advise you. However, it helps to know when you decide to remodel your home which project will require a permit. Future Vision Remodeling will break down the needs for a permit and those projects that won’t require one.

When Do You Need a Permit to Work on Your House?

Fencing Height Increase – If you remain within your city’s fence height requirements, you may not actually need a permit. Regardless of the fencing materials used, most fence heights are restricted. If you wish to exceed the city’s limits then you will need to acquire a permit, and typically, your neighbors’ permission.
Structural Changes – Such as removing or adding of load bearing walls, decks, porches, balconies, foundations and roofing changes will all need a permit and require inspection. The permits and inspections will be added to the city records.
Window Installation – Typically when you’re installing larger windows in your home it will require a permit. Even if you’re adding skylights, larger windows or new windows this could affect the integrity of your home. All windows will need to be up to code and recorded.
Electrical and Plumbing Upgrades – If you’re adding or redirecting both electrical and plumbing lines, they typically will require a permit and inspections. Basic repairs or replacement don’t require a permit. Major remodeling will. Both electrical and plumbing, if not followed to code, could be hazardous which is why you’ll need a permit when remodeling electrical and plumbing lines.
Water & Ventilation Heating Changes – If you’re changing out water heaters or adding HVAC ventilation lines, these changes often require a permit. Repair or maintenance of the older systems won’t require any permits. Your contractor will know when you will require a permit in the different scenarios.
Major Home Remodeling Such as Room Additions – Major remodeling projects such as remodeling a garage or adding onto the structure of your home or even on the property, all require permits. A good rule to remember is if a project is going to cost more than $5000 or is over 200 square feet you will need a permit.

What Home Renovations Don’t Require a Permit?

Smaller projects that don’t interfere with the home’s structure usually won’t require a permit. Repair of the existing features or structure also don’t require a permit. Here is a list of remodeling projects that don’t require a permit.
• Wallpapering or Painting projects
• Minor Electrical repairs
• Flooring such as installing carpet, hardwood or tile and vinyl or linoleum flooring
• Installing Faucets
• Installing new cabinets or counter tops
• Landscaping

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If you are considering remodeling your home, remember you might need a permit depending on the size and type of the project. Future Vision Remodeling is an experienced remodeling contractor company and can help advise you when a permit will be required. If you’re ready to remodel your home, contact Future Vision Remodeling we can remodel your home into your dream home.

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