How to Build a Guest House in San Mateo, CA; Stand Alone or Addition Requirements & More

Are you considering building a guest home? For those who frequently entertain guests or have in-laws staying for a while or even possibly moving in, a guest home is always a great option. Guest home’s provide your visitors with their own space, close to your home while they visit or choose to stay with you. When you’re considering building a guest home you may be wondering where the best place is to start. Before you begin construction Future Vision Remodeling would like to share a few considerations for your future guest home.

Stand Alone Guest House or Addition

When you consider building a guest home you will want to decide if you want it to connect to the main home or would you rather it be a placed close to but away from the main house. Some guest homes connect to the main home if there is a limit on how many homes can be on the property. When there is no limitation many like to build a structure away from the main home, thus providing their guests with privacy. Consider the purpose of the guest home. Are you taking in an aging parent(s) who needs assistance and how far do you want them from you?

Guest Home Requirements

How the guest home will be designed will depend on its usage or purpose. If the guest home is indeed for an aging parent, which is a very common purpose for a guest home, do you want to consider aging-in-place? Aging-in-place means you will design the home with ramps and handrails throughout the home, as well as other safety systems. Other considerations for aging-in-place are wider door frames and walkways to make it easier to access the entire home if the person uses a wheelchair, or walker. Be sure to use non-slip flooring or carpet to prevent fails.

Municipality Zone Granny Flat Rules

Some cities or zones have restrictions on secondary dwellings. In some situation you may get approval for a full kitchen or bath. Before you begin designing the guest house, look into your city’s regulation or municipality zone requirements. When you find a contractor often they can help design the guest house and know the municipality zone requirements or other regulations for guest homes. Permits and licenses will be required which also helps determine the design and layout of the guest home.

Privacy or Personal Backyard for Guest House

When determining where to place the guest home consider who the guest home is for. For example if you are planning to have an aging parent and the guest home is for them, how much privacy will they need, and should you provide them with their own yard space for gardening or space for other outdoor hobbies. You may want to consider a parking garage or carport to protect their vehicles. Often you will need to consider lot size to make sure you provide enough space for the home, garage and possibly, a small personal yard or garden.

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When you want to have a guest home built for visiting guests or in-laws, contact Future Vision Remodeling. We can help design and construct as well as help determine local codes and regulations for your guest home. For luxury remodeling services, contact Future Vision Remodeling.

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