Change & Update Your Home Exterior with an Energy Saving Remodel in South San Francisco, CA

When homeowners begin talking about remodeling their home many times they only talk about the inside of their home. You frequently hear about people doing kitchen and bathroom renovations. If the inside of your home is already to your liking you may consider looking at the exterior of your home. There are many benefits to remodeling the outside! If you think that remodeling the exterior of your home is something that you are interested in you will want to decide what areas would be the most beneficial and have the biggest impact for you to start with. There are all sorts of different things that you can do to make the exterior of your home more enticing than it is right now. You can paint your house; replace the garage door; install energy efficient windows; replace vinyl siding; redo your roof; and so much more. To help make sure you mind up about where to start you may find it helpful to read the different benefits.

Increase Home Property Value

When you make changes to the exterior of your home it will increase the value of your home. Some projects increase the value of your home by small increments while other projects can dramatically increase it. Installing energy efficient windows in your home adds major value of your home. Replacing your garage door increases the value of your home but less significantly. Painting the outside of your home averages a 141% return on your investment!

Lower Home Maintenance

If you are not interested in selling your home in the near future an increase in the property might not be enticing to you at all. What may pique your interest though is the decrease in maintenance after the exterior of your home has been remodeled. Projects like caulking, painting, staining, and power washing different parts of the exterior of your home will not need to be done after you remodel. Without home improvement projects weighing you down you can spend your time however you would like!

Energy Saving Home Renovations

Replacing the siding on your house; redoing the roof; replacing your garage door; and replacing your windows will all make your home more energy efficient. It is estimated that just your siding can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 20%. Of all of these remodeling project the installing energy efficient windows will help you save the most energy. Anything that you can do to reduce your monthly expenses is always enticing.

Add Curb Appeal

One of the largest benefits of remodeling the exterior of your home is that your house will look more appealing to you and others as they are driving up to it or driving past it. Many times when you move into a house the exterior is not a reflection of your style and taste. Remodeling it can make it so that the outside of your home can make a statement about who you and your family are.

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