How to Increase Your Home Value in San Jose, CA & What Improvements Add the Most?

There are times when a home desperately needs some remodeling and updating. For those who may be looking towards the future sale of their home, they may want to consider carefully what should be added or remodeled in order to add more value to their home. Yes, some changes or areas of a home can help add more value to your home and give you more at the time of a sale. Future Vision Remodeling has a few suggestions you may want to consider when it comes to adding or upgrading when you plan out your home remodeling projects.

Home Improvements & Renovations that Increase Property Value

Fireplaces – Adding a gas or propane powered fireplace adds a look of warmth, coziness and value to your home. More and more people love to have fireplaces within their home and homes with a gas fireplace sell faster and with a higher value. When you’re remodeling a living room or bedroom, consider adding a fireplace.
Bay Windows – Bay windows in a kitchen creates a welcoming eating and social area with a great view. Bay windows also work great in bedrooms and living rooms. A built-in bench surrounded with pillows gives homeowners a place to relax, read, and enjoy an outdoor view. Bay windows also add value and appeal to homes. When planning to remodel a living room, kitchen or bedroom, consider adding a bay window.
Kitchen Upgrade – The one room that often determines the value and sale of the home is surprisingly the kitchen. Yes, the kitchen is the most inspected room of the home and if the kitchen is out date or needs work, it can greatly affect your home’s value. When remodeling a kitchen, update the counter tops, cupboards or cabinets, walls, floors, back splashes and of course, more modern and efficient appliances.
Deck Addition – Outdoor living areas are becoming more and more in demand. More people like to have a nice place to enjoy the fresh outdoor air. For homes with an old, smaller deck or no deck at all, consider adding or remodeling a larger outdoor living place and cooking and sitting areas.
Replace Windows – Older windows weren’t designed to reflect the UV rays from the sun. However there are now windows that are designed to reduce the amount of sunlight and heat that penetrates through them, making them more efficient than older or cheaper windows. By installing new energy efficient windows you will save or your home power bill. With this feature comes more value to your home as well.
New Landscape Design – Remodeling yards, lawn and garden doesn’t just improve the look adding curb side appeal to your home, but it also adds value if done correctly. Water efficiency has become more important than ever and is encouraged here in the state of California. By redesigning your yard with lovely yet drought tolerant vegetation will not only help the sale of your home down the road, it will save you money and add to your home’s value.

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Future Vision Remodeling hopes this list of suggestions will help you know which project will help add value to your home. If you need help remodeling your home, Future Vision Remodeling can assist. Contact us today to see how we can transform your home.

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