DIY Or Hire a Professional Remodeling Contractor for Painting, Flooring & More in Redwood City, CA?

You’ve bought your new home, it’s nice but you want to tweak it a bit and personalize it; make it your own. When buying a home, the pundits recommend a vanilla, neutral color theme as it makes it easier to sell, but if you’re plans are to stay a while it won’t hurt to put your mark on it. Tastes differ and customizing your digs can be done in increments.

Interior & Exterior House Painting

First and probably cheapest way is to incorporate color according to your tastes. Paint, though not cheap is the easiest way to mark your home as your own. There are two ways to go about it, well maybe three. Any minor wear and tear should be tackled first. Dents in walls from unrestrained door knobs striking the walls. Repair the dent and incorporate a door stop to prevent further damage. These sort of detailed jobs make subsequent projects go smoother and easier. Presentation or abode? Presentation refers here to the room most people will see on entry. Usually a living room or parlor. Abode, where to spend most of your time. Another issue is condition. Does this room cry out for attention because of its condition? Most of us want to make a good first impression, so perhaps you may want to tackle the entry area and living room first. Others want their sanctuaries, a place to rest, relax and recharge. This is the room you spend most of your waking hours. If this is the living room you get to take out two birds with one stone, retreat and first impression. But if the kitchen is substandard in your estimation or the bathroom lacks some amenities, function versus pleasure type of thing. Of course, many of these projects need to be funded, making your choice a budget one.

New Flooring

Back to painting, probably most affordable initial option. Walls and floors make that first impression. Undeniably furniture and décor is the icing on the cake. But walls and floors are the foundation. Ascetics aside, these items should be your first project. Walls include electrical outlet and switch plates. Don’t neglect the ceiling and lighting as the enhance the overall presentation. Light medallions and coving can change a plain and uninteresting to classically wonderful. Walls and floors need to complement each other and should be considered together. Not necessarily finished together, but these two projects should follow as close together as your budget allows.

DIY Or Hire a Professional Home Remodeling Contractor?

Painting can be a do-it-yourself project as well as some floors such as floating hardwood or tile can be laid, though make sure you budget for underlayment, hand tools and power tools, most likely rental on the powered stuff. And you really must decide if the subpar results of your DIY efforts are worth the savings. Professional home remodelers know how to lay tile evenly and securely. DIY efforts may find tile popping up from the floor and growing mold and mildew. DIY painting may result in drips, uneven coverage and unprofessional cutting in. Professionals do this everyday and can provide expert results much faster than the typical home owner can.

Home Remodeling & More in Redwood City, Foster City & Greater San Jose, California

To cushion the cost and make your projects more fiscally friendly you can divide your project into phases. Phase 1: Wall prep. Phase 2: Paint and Phase 3: Other Treatments like Wainscoting. Phase 4: Floor. Check out our next blog for a continuation of this one. And contact Future Vision Remodeling for excellent customer service and construction services to give you the home of your dreams!

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