How to Make Your San Jose, CA House a Smart Home; Hub App, Appliances, Locks & More

There are always trends that seem to come and go with design, décor and fashion. The hot neon colors of the 80’s and the paisley couches that your grandma still probably has are all trends that have come and luckily gone. Along with trends there are modern advancements that we can all start to enjoy. You might remember growing up without a cell phone and now you would be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t have one. The advancements are there to make life better and more enjoyable. The same goes for your house! You could be living in a house that is out of date and way behind the times in terms of modern advancement. You would probably be lost without your smart phone so why not smarten up your house too. There are lots of additions that you can make when you are doing home remodeling and renovations.

Future Vision Remodeling Outlines what Smart Home Improvements Add the Most Value & Convenience

Smart Kitchen & Laundry Appliances: One of the ways that you can smarten your home is to install appliances that help to make your life easier. The appliances that you have are great at keeping your food cold or your dishes clean but they can be more than that. The first appliance that you want to invest in is the smart refrigerator and freezer. This is something that can look good as well as make your life much easier. The refrigerator and freezer can be paired with your cell phone or smart device. You set it up so that by the click of an app you can see what is in the fridge and it will even give you recipes of what you can do with them. This is a great time saver so you can also get your shopping done with ease as well.
Smart Hub App: Another addition that you can make to your home is to use a smart hub. The smart hub is a way to get more out of the fixtures in your house. You can use it to help with the lights, air conditioner, radio and much more. The smart hub allows you to plug in items that you can then with a voice command tell it to adjust or activate. You can also do it from the app if you choose which is great when you might have left the house with the lights on.
Smart Locks: Another great way to add some ease to your house is to add smart locks to your entry doors. This will help to eliminate the keys that can be lost or given out to someone that you don’t want to have it. You can also set codes so that the door will unlock when the code is used. It is a great way to give access to those that you want and if you need to take access back you are able to do that with ease.

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