Reasons to Remodel Your Bathrooms in Santa Clara, CA; Return on Investment, Aging in Place & More

Remodeling a bathroom is often based on desire. Where there is nothing wrong with it, you just might want to give your bathroom a complete makeover. There are other reasons as well as benefits as to why a bathroom remodeling project is a great idea. You may be surprised to learn what a bathroom remodel can do for your home and just your day to day living. For those who are considering having their bathroom remodeled, Future Vision Remodeling would like to help nudge you in the right direction and share why bathroom remodeling is so beneficial.

Bathroom Remodel Return on Investment

When buying, selling or simply living in a home, you often look for ways to improve areas around the home. Updating a bathroom can help add value to a home and improve daily living. However, when comparing numbers with cost and added value, most bathroom remodels can return over 50% of added value compared with the cost of the remodeling. Most people will consider an added value of 50% to 55% not beneficial. However, in the world of remodeling it is an excellent return. Most remodeling occurs due to needed repairs. Do keep in mind that small remodeling project barely adds any value. But, for a luxury bathroom remodel that updates a bathroom the added value is excellent. Such a remodel returns over half of the cost of added value to a home. There is never a 100% return value rate, however, with the right material and modern features added to a bathroom, you can help add value to your home and return the cost spent during the remodel.

Aging in Place & Improved Daily Living with a Bathroom Remodeling Makeover

There are two main concepts to any remodeling project. One is to enhance the look of the bathroom. The other is to improve daily use. Adding double sinks, extra storage, and hygiene racks can help enhance the bathroom and make day to day living easier. For example, many homeowners are adding built in laundry hampers or linen closets right into the bathroom, making access to stored items easier or placing dirty clothes away more convenient. Other luxury remodeling can make accessing the bath tub or shower easier and safer, and let’s not forget a jet stream bathtub. There are many features that can be added to a bathroom that can help enhance your daily life and make your bathroom more enjoyable. Aging in place features such as walk in showers and bathtubs can also be added to allow seniors to stay independent in their own home for longer.

Upgrade Plumbing and Electrical During Bathroom Renovation

Older homes may not have modern plumbing or electrical systems. There may be leaks, or electrical damages due to moisture exposure. Both are common problems that naturally occur in bathrooms due to the high moisture content. When your home is having plumbing or electrical problems, the all can be repaired or upgraded during a remodel. Outlets that been burn out can be replaced to ensure safety along with function. Leaking pipes don’t just waste water but lead to structural damages to your home. If you’re having plumbing or electrical problems then it is definitely time for a remodel.

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