Ideas for How to Make Your Living Room More Luxurious in Sunnyvale, CA

There are many spaces in a home that your family spends their time. One place that many families will take time to sit and relax and enjoy some time together is the living room. This is a place that usually has the couches and Dad’s favorite chair. It has the television for a movie night and is large enough to accommodate everyone at the same time. Although spending time and money to renovate the bathrooms and the kitchen are almost necessary, you want to make sure that you give some attention to the living room as well. There are some great additions or changes that you can make to the living space that can make it more more luxurious too.

Future Vision Remodeling Lists Finishing Touches for Your Living Room

Install Taller, Decorative Baseboard Molding Trim: The baseboards that come standard in most homes are usually only about two inches tall and usually don’t have a lot of design on it. This is a huge part of the look of the room. It highlights the space and adds a nice barrier from the carpet or flooring to the wall. You want to make sure that you have new baseboard installed and choose one that you like best. You can choose a more ornate option and a taller one as well. The baseboards should be freshly painted whatever color you are using for the trim in your home. Most people choose to have a gloss white to balance out the rest of the colors in the house. The white lines are ran through every single room bringing the whole house together.
Update Or Install Crown Molding: Now that the baseboard has been updated with a higher end look you want to finish the trim with a beautiful crown molding. The crown molding is not always a standard option in homes and is only added to the house as an afterthought. The crown molding is trim that can be purchased in an array of sizes with many different forms of detail. The detail is carved into the trim and should be hung along the wall and ceiling gap. This should also be painted the same color of the baseboard as well to balance the whole space. The crown molding is a great addition to any room that you want to add beauty and a higher end feel to.
Stone Fireplace Remodel: If you have a fireplace in the living room of your home you want to make sure that you treat it as a focal point. It is a great item to have in a home but you want to make sure that the look of the fireplace is what you want and that it matches the rest of the space. You can change out the materials around the fireplace to add something that goes with your homes design. You can also choose a natural stone color that works well with the house.

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