Luxury Mudroom Addition Design Ideas, Layout Plans & More in Campbell, CA

As we know in Southern California, the weather can be unpredictable year round. When it comes to customizing your luxury home, people want to remodel the kitchen and bathrooms as their first priority. However, to incorporate practical needs with luxury commodities, people should consider a mudroom, whether they include it with the laundry room or a separate room. Mudrooms not only serve a purpose, but they can be stylish and help keep volumes of dirt and debris from getting in your home. A mudroom is especially useful with homes that have kids, pets, or see a lot of foot traffic. Today, we at Future Vision Remodeling would like to take the opportunity to elaborate on remodeling a mudroom for your San Jose, California and surrounding area home.

Tips to Build a Mudroom Addition

Mudroom Location: The door leading to the garage or the back door are the two most common areas to add your mudroom to. The garage door area is frequently the most optimal as people parking in the garage and walking into the home can be greeted with an optimal location to kick off the shoes and unload from the vehicle; such items such as shoes, backpacks, outdoor gear and any other contents entering the home should have designated places. The mudroom should also have the essential tools to clean and a place to store your stuff, especially for things used outside, such as umbrellas and rain boots for example.
Mudroom Design Ideas: With your own unique style and needs, your mudroom has endless possibilities. Cleverly designed spaces, both large and small, can accommodate the needs of the family and home. Mudrooms are being equipped with drains to hose down muddy paws and feet, cubicles or lockers for each family member, hooks, drawer space and shelves for hats, extra cleaning supplies, pet supplies, and even linens and towels. Many mudrooms are being equipped with a place to shower or bathe pets and offer some grooming features as well. In any case the mudroom is ideally used to provides easy transitions from outdoors to inside while keeping your living space more dirt free.
Mudroom Design: You do not a functional room to look sterile or utilitarian. Beautiful stone tile, rich woodwork, bright colors, and stunning hardware and light fixtures can make create a remarkable space that holds up to the dirtiest of jobs.

Tips for Adding a Mudroom to Front of House, Garage & More

Tips: Below are additional tips you can apply to the remodel or add-on of your mudroom to better customize it according to your lifestyle.
1) To create a nice transition space, include the mudroom with both indoor and outdoor design elements and material. For a few examples; intricate light fixtures, floor that is hardwood, brick, or even polished concrete with outdoor siding can harmonize the space.
2) If you have two separate doors that lead to the garage and to the home for instance, have them look similar. If you desire different doors, you can have the window panes around the door look the same. Have the doors be perpendicular to make the distinction in the space. Glass doors can help the space feel more open and not completely close off the space to the rest of the home.
3) Install an elegant wall or floor mirror to add charm and give yourself a once over before you leave.
4) In addition to a pet bathing station, add a sink for quick washup after tending to the garden.

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There are endless possibilities to your mudroom. To help you design, plan, and build the perfect mudroom, call Future Vision Remodeling.

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