Large Custom Kitchen Islands in Daly City, CA; Centerpieces, Sink, Storage Ideas & More

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the place where people tend to end up during any gathering. How can you add to the appeal of this important room in your home? Adding a kitchen island has become a popular choice because it’s useful, practical and aesthetically pleasing. You can completely transform your kitchen into the efficient and functional space it’s meant to be with a well-designed island.

Kitchen Island Centerpieces

Everyone wants a functional kitchen so they can get everything done in the most efficient way possible. Make sure you design an island that meets all your storage and convenience needs. The more functional your kitchen is the more time you’ll be able to spend with family and friends. Do you like to cook and entertain? If you do, you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time in the kitchen getting all that food ready. It takes a lot of time to prepare food for your guests. Having a functional island means you can accommodate all your helpers! Adding small appliances to your kitchen island can go a long way in making prep work go seamlessly. Adding a small sink is a must. The main sink can be reserved for heavy duty cleaning while the smaller sink can be used for rinsing food and utensils. Adding a microwave to the island can serve many purposes. The new trend is to put the microwave under the countertop to free up counter space and to make it easier for young or old to use it. Another benefit to adding the microwave on a lower level is that it’s safer to remove hot food that can burn you instead of having to raise your arms above your head. The island is also the perfect location to add a mini fridge for wine and other beverages. It’s convenient and you’ll never have to leave a conversation for even a second to grab another drink out of the refrigerator. You can go the concealed route, and have it blend in with the cabinets or you can add some textural contrast with a glass door to break the space up. A fully stocked mini fridge on the island allows kids to easily access what they need, and you won’t have to get it for them!

Kitchen Island Storage Ideas

If you decide you don’t really need to add small appliances to your island, then you can focus on increasing your storage options. A kitchen island provides more than enough space to include base cabinets and drawers. You can even leave open shelves to display knick knacks or cookbooks. Cabinets on the island are also not as tall as the upper cabinets. All the items you use more often will be easy to reach whenever you need them.

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The design options for a kitchen island are endless but not all islands work for all kitchens. The experts at Future Vision Remodeling can help you design and create a kitchen island that will work efficiently and look fabulous. Give us a call today!

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