Nursery Design & Layout Ideas in San Carlos, CA; Closet, Flooring, Natural Lighting & More

With a new baby on the way most people want to make sure everything is perfect. You wait for the right time to have a gender reveal and host a baby shower. These are all milestones during your pregnancy that make all the uncomfortableness worth it. When you find out you are pregnant you have about nine months to make sure you are ready. This included mentally as well as physically to ensure that you are ready for all the changes. There are lots of new things that happen when a baby shows up and that is why it takes a lot of preparation. One area of the preparation happens to be in your home. The house needs to have some remodeling when a new baby comes and the main area is the nursery. The nursery is where the baby will be sleeping which hopefully is a lot and all their belonging that you need to make the day run smooth will be as well. Future Vision Remodeling offers helpful tips to remodel your nursery.

Walk in Nursery Closet

A standard closet in a home usually has one bar that runs across the space. It may have a shelf over the top that you can store a few things. The problem is that your newborn and even your toddler will not have use for this type of closet because it will not be useful. The clothes that a small baby has are of course small and a single bar is not the best use of the space. You want to use the space that you have to allow the clothes to fit as well as the other things that a new baby will need. When you remodel a nursery it is a great idea to have a plan for the closet. Be sure to have shelves that can be used for small towels and blankets that the baby will need. You also can have a double bar hung that way when the baby gets older they can reach the clothes that they need. When you have the right type of closet you do not have to use a dresser in the room.

Nursery Walls & Flooring

The floors and the walls need to set the tone of the room. The nursery is a place that you want to be able to bring your baby and get them soothed off to sleep. They are the main areas that will bring in the mood to the room. The color and the texture that you choose should be thought about and how it will affect the baby. You want to avoid using colors that are too bright or too dark. The colors that are best are pale soothing colors such as light blue, yellow and even neutral tones. When it comes to the floors a soft carpet that has a stain repellent on it will be a great addition to the space.

Natural Lighting in Nursery

The other addition that you can make to the space is to add some windows to the space if possible so that you can bring in natural light. The natural light is more soothing and less abrasive to a new baby. They also can get some of the vitamins and the nutrients from the sunlight that they need to develop and be happy.

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