Living Room Remodel & Renovation Ideas in Palo Alto, CA; Paint Colors, Lighting & More

There are lots of areas of the house that you can do a remodeling project and that will make a big impact on the value and the functionality of a house. Many people will choose to remodel a bathroom or a kitchen to add the maximum in value to the house. That is not the only space that you should put some effort into. One of the areas that has some great benefits when you remodel is the living room. The living room is a place that you want to be able to enjoy with your family as well as have a place when you are enjoying friends and family. When you decide to take on a remodeling project such as a living room you want to make sure you are aware of the best way to make an impact. There are lots of choices that you want to take into account.

Future Vision Remodeling Lists Tips for Living Room Makeovers

Popular Living Room Paint Colors: When you are looking at making a statement in a room that is used as often as your living room you want to be clear about what the color means. Many people want to have a space that is comfortable for the family to sit around but also seem spacious enough that when you are hosting a get together they feel welcome. Many people are choosing to use lighter colors in the main living space such as white, or light grey. You want to use paint as a way to open up the space and leaves you more options in terms of décor.
Living Room Ceiling & Other Lighting: Another area of the room that you want to make sure you give some real thought to is windows and lighting. You want to look at your remodeling project and see where within the room that you can open the wall up and add in more windows or doors. Having a set of French doors that open up a deck is a great addition. You also can add windows that will help to offer natural light that is best to increase the look of the space. If you are unable to add more windows to the space it is a good time to look at increasing the amount of lighting that you have installed. This can be light fixtures or canned lights.
Living Room Focal Point: One of the other considerations of a living room remodel is that you want to have a point within the room that acts as a focal point. This can be anything from a well formed fireplace, or a wall that has an accent color. You can also use shelving units that have spaces to add special pieces of décor. You want to make sure that the room makes sense and that you have a spot that wants to draw the direction of the occupants.

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