Luxury Elements for Your Kitchen in Saratoga, CA; Touch Faucet, Pop Up Outlets, Hardware & More

Everyone is looking to enhance their kitchens with the features that make for more convenient experiences with cooking, cleaning and other activities. Not only do you want the modern advancements, trends, and other luxury features, but you want the elements to add class, sophistication and beauty. With that in mind, we at Future Vision Remodeling would like to share some luxury elements you will want included in your luxury kitchen remodel.

Luxury Kitchen Design Feature Must Haves

1) Touch Activated Kitchen Faucet: A luxury with a practical payoff, the touch-sensitive faucet is designed to help make messy cooking cleanup easier and spread fewer germs. They a modernized, technological advancement to your kitchen that still look amazing.
2) Kitchen Pop Up Electrical Outlets with USB: Kitchens need outlets in abundance; for appliances kitchen accessories, electronic charging, and so on. Outlets, though a necessary feature, are not exactly an artistic design in any room. Conceal them by relocating the power outlets inside drawers, under cabinets, or behind hidden panels to keep the kitchen’s architectural style in the spotlight.
3) Kitchen Drawers Organizers: Keeping the storage areas, including the pantry, neater will help you better find something when you need it, saving you time. Allowing you to have everything your use at your fingertips is simply done in the pull-out cabinets, is nicely straighten out the pots, pans, cookbooks, and other kitchen equipment with drawer organizers.
4) Ambiance Under Cabinet Lighting: Making the culinary area more usable and beautiful in a classic, yet practical way is through installing lighting under the cabinets. Read recipes easier and see your questions without hindrance by installing the under-cabinet lighting and illuminating the workspace. Not only can you have practical use for the extra lighting, but you can incorporate some ambiance as well.
5) Camouflaged Appliances: Most if not all appliances can be camouflaged, and by integrating appliances into cabinets the kitchen can look remarkable. Conceal the appliances with faux cabinets can be the right way to give a warm yet sleek look to your luxurious kitchen.
6) Kitchen Backsplash Focal Point: A backsplash can be a concentrated focal point, giving the luxurious kitchen some magic. Choose an area where the practical application can be an artistic focal point as well, like over the stove with metallic tiles, a unique mosaic, or steel tile to enrich the kitchen.
7) Cabinet Hardware Pulls, Knobs, & Hardware Details: Outdated countertops are an obvious detail that the kitchen needs a modern touch and the handles on the cabinets and drawers are a smaller detail that suggests the same thing. If you are partial to your cabinets and drawers, simply replace the handles to update the overall look.
8) Crown Molding Ceiling Flare: Another seemingly small detail that can make a big difference in your luxury kitchen is the crown molding. Simply finish the cabinets off with crown molding so that they connect with the ceiling and include baseboards where the bottom cabinets meet the floor to complete a polished look for your kitchen.
9 Ceiling Accessories: Think some custom ceiling décor instead the traditional plain or even popcorn texture ceiling. To give your luxury kitchen more style, consider installing molding around the lights, aluminum tiles, or beadboard paneling for a more customized edge.

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The professionals of Future Vision Remodeling can discuss the various features for your luxury kitchen or other home remodel that will continue to add the elements of luxury, class, and style. Call us today to get started!

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