How to Add Light to a Room in Cupertino, CA; High End Up & Down Lighting, Accent Lights & More

When it comes to a home there are some aspects that really give the house the feel that you are looking for. This is of course the layout of the house, the type of flooring and the paint or wall covering that you choose. These are all ways to show off your own personal style and to match with the décor that you choose. Although these are great, have you ever been in a home that just seems dark and dingy while others are bright and cheery? The same house can reflect something different if you have the wrong lighting. You want to be sure you use the right lighting in your home to show off the functionality and texture you worked so hard to get. Lighting is not something that is just a lamp in the corner anymore but there are several styles and types of lighting that really add a high end look to any home.

Future Vision Remodeling Lists Luxury Lighting Options You Can Use in Your Home

Down lighting: The first type of lighting that you want to look into when increasing the lights in your home is called down lighting. This is when you have a type of light that is installed in a very specific area. It is set so that the light hits a painting, a set of curtains or other area that you want to accent. The light will actually light up that area but it will also bounce off the area and back into the room. This will make a room look and feel brighter. This type of lighting needs to be used sparingly because you never want to create a wall with these lights or it can have the opposite effect.
Up Lighting: If you want to show off an area of your house that has great texture or beauty then using up lighting is the way to go. This is a way to show off an area without having a can light installed above it. These small lights are installed in an area such as a fireplace or the interior of a window seal. It makes these areas stand out and the lights will be hidden enough that they do not distract from the look of the room.
Accent Lights: This is the same type of idea that goes behind an accent wall when choosing paint. The light works to throw a small and direct beam of light on a very specific area. This can be a table or a chair that you want to accent in the room. The light is often installed in the recess of the ceiling and a specific light bulb is used.
Shelf Lighting: The next way to increase the look of your home is to have shelf lighting installed. Having beautiful built in shelving is a great way to add décor to a room as well as depth. If you want to increase the look of the shelving unit, you want to have lights installed. Then whatever you put on the shelf will be shown off even further.

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