Luxury Front & Backyard Landscaping Ideas in Palo Alto, CA; Garden Gazebos & More

The designs of landscapes have come a long way with the help creative and talented specialists. In past decades, a landscaped yard consisted of a patch of grass and perhaps a tree or two and maybe a few bushes. Now, landscapes are featured to compliment the home’s architectural design and is beautifully created with intricately and strategically placed trees, shrubs, pathways, lighting, and even extravagant outdoor living spaces. No matter what your tastes are, your landscape can be custom designed to display a unique and beautiful extension of your home. Today, we at Future Vision Remodeling, Inc. would like to elaborate briefly on a few top trending luxury landscapes that can upgrade your current yard or simply remodel the overall design.

Ideas for High End Landscapes

1) Walkways, Gazebos and Ponds: To create some serenity and peaceful, calming atmospheres, fresh water ponds, stone walkways, and even a little gazebo surrounded by the beautiful foliage and ambient lighting is one way to achieve the goals. The pathway etched into the lawn will give you charming passage to your little private oasis. Using soft and soothing colors to surround your little escape will give the piece of sanctuary that will help you relieve the stress of daily life.
2) Edible Landscapes: There is something to say about embracing the organic and fresh taste of your own consumables. Not only will growing your own food give you an ongoing project, but the ornamental aspect of the fresh herbs and spices, along with the colors of fruits and veggies in your landscaping will enrich the sight with a delightful scene from your window or back porch.
3) Outdoor Living Spaces: California is known for beautiful scenery and great weather most of the year. Outdoor activities, hosted gatherings, and intimate family time can be equally enjoyed in the fresh air and peaceful afternoons or evenings. Serving brunch is just as wonderful outside by extending the living space to the outdoor setting. Your landscape can blend into an outdoor kitchen, BBQ pit, or fire pit that has seating accommodations and indoor conveniences right outside so no one has to miss the reminiscing with loved ones while preparing fine food or delicious beverages. Crafted masonry and/or carpentry work will make any customized outdoor space charming and comfortable. The possibilities are endless.
4) Technical Enhancement: In the landscape evolution, lighting options have come a long way with LED and solar lighting that offers colored, bold, ambient, twinkling, and a host of effects that dress up the landscape. With just the right lighting, even a simple landscape can become a sight to behold. The technical support doesn’t have to end there with offering the entertainments centers that include TV and movie options, music, WIFI, gaming, and so much more, the tech enhancement can help create the perfect blend of nature and suburban life.

Additional Tips for Your Greater San Jose Landscape

Native Plants. Take advantage of the native trees and plant life. They are typically easier to care for, maintain, and can flourish with minimal effort.
Fireplaces & Firepits. Where these additives are a great place to socialize and enjoy throughout the majority of the year, it is important to keep in mind the safety, maintenance and other details to enhance your landscape with these fine centerpieces.
Drip System. Finally, to ensure your landscape vegetation is well-watered, consider installing a planned drip/ irrigation system that can properly deliver adequate water supplies to your grass, shrubs, and trees.

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