Meaning of House Has Good Bones in Saratoga, CA; Ideal Layout, Exterior Character & More

When you go out looking for a home to purchase most people have a checklist. You are looking for a certain look and feel. You might have on your list a certain amount of rooms and what you want the kitchen and bathroom to look like. If you are like some home buyers you are just looking for a home that you can go in and make changes to with renovations to get what you want. You are okay moving things around and adding rooms on if necessary. You also are not afraid to take on a whole home renovation where you are gutting the house to change all the finishes throughout. If you purchase a “house that has good bones” what does that really even mean?

Future Vision Remodeling Lists What it Means When Someone Says the House has Good Bones

Meaning of House has Good Bones: The definition of a house with good bones is one that has the basic framework necessary. Houses with “good bones” have key features such as quality construction and solid infrastructure. A house with good bones is well built.
Ideal Layout: When you are doing a whole home renovation you need to use your imagination when you walk in a house. You want to be able to visualize the house empty as you walk through. A house with good bones will often have a good layout that will work for the space that you need. The size of the kitchen is optimal, the amount of bedrooms that you want are there and so on. The areas are sectioned off right and you can make the rest of the changes to finish the house.
Space For Natural Light: You want to also look at the space and decide what type of natural light you expect to have. You want to understand the flow and where you will be able to add additional windows and the size of the windows as well. The rooms may not change in location or size but the use of the wall needs to be such that you can open it up for a larger door or a window for light.
Exterior has Character: You may also love the exterior of the home and the architecture that is has but not the look of the interior. You can update the exterior to let these architectural elements pop and repair any damage that is needed during your renovation. The outside will essentially have little change with the exception of paint and touchup while the inside may be completely redone.

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