Luxury Swimming Pool Designs in Loyola, CA; Natural, Infinity AKA Vanishing Edge Pools & More

No dream home is complete without a dream pool to go with it! This only sweetens the deal and makes the package complete. Nowadays, the sky is the limit when it comes to designing the perfect pool for you. Swimming is a healthy hobby and provides non-stop entertainment. Whether your looking to entertain a crowd, or just your immediate family, Future Vision Remodeling can make your dreams a reality. There is something about a natural landscape that calms the soul. Do you love being surrounded by nature and hearing the sound of flowing water? When you come home after a long day of work, do you want to retreat to your very own little piece of paradise? Natural swimming pools are becoming more popular because of the endless ways you can design them to be your very own while incorporating your landscape into the pool’s design for a truly Feng Shui feel.

Pros of Natural Swimming Pool Designs

Natural pools benefit our environment because they do not require the use of chemicals to keep them clean. When managed properly, water will stay clear and clean because they are their very own little self-cleaning ecosystems. The swimming areas in natural pools appear to flow endlessly with the water and aquatic plant life around them but are in fact separate spaces that are usually lined with rubber or polyethylene. The plants that are incorporated around the pool work as a natural filter and keep the water clean. Properly designed natural pools require very little maintenance and clean themselves with very little risk of contamination. If germs are a concern, you can add a UV sterilizer to kill any germs that may be present in the water. Adding waterfalls to your natural pool will add much needed aeration, keep the water circulating and add to the overall ambiance of your little piece of heaven. The possibilities are limitless with natural pools, you can design them to resemble natural ponds, hot springs, mountain creeks, or even your favorite lake. When you incorporate some beautiful aquatic plant life such as sedges, cattails, bulrushes, duckweeds and decorative stone or pebbles throughout, you will get an authentic feel and maybe even forget you’re home!

How Do Infinity AKA Vanishing Edge Pools Work?

Infinity pools or vanishing edge pools are also a popular choice. There are no visible edges or walls and the water seems to flow endlessly. Water spills over the sides into a hatch and recirculates the water back into the pool. A much-neglected space in the world of pools seems to be the bottoms. You can now add lavish pool bottoms to suit your taste, with options including 3D designs, mosaic tiles and many others. Now you can have the most unique pool on the block! Caves and Grottos offer privacy and comfort, you can add a mini bar to your grotto and enjoy the peace and tranquility while enjoying your favorite drink. Lazy rivers are the perfect way to soak up some rays with little effort on your part, just grab a float and a lemonade and enjoy the ride.

Tropical Oasis Pool Design

How about your own personal tropical oasis? Would you love to see Barbados in my back yard? Water is blue so cool blue linear or tiles will make for an authentic Caribbean feel and mimic the cool blue or even green colors one would see on a trip to the beach. Choose a natural pool shape with organic edges, throw in some palm trees, natural shrubbery and moss, landscape with sand and maybe even build you a little beach style cabana and you’ve got the tropics out your back door!

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