2018 Kitchen Cabinet & Design Trends in Monte Sereno, CA; Black & White Color Scheme & More

If you are ready to make a change to your kitchen it is a great idea to do some research. Knowing what options are out there is a great place to start but also knowing what some of the trends are is fun too. The trends are some of the new addition in décor and design that people are implementing successfully in their homes. These can be small changes to an already existing kitchen or a whole remodel to give you the look that you want. The kitchen is a huge part of the house and is a likely spot to find the family enjoying time together. That is why coming up with the best design and layout is important.

Future Vision Remodeling Outlines Some Amazing Kitchen Trends to Help You Design Your Kitchen Remodel

Black & White Kitchens: The standard kitchen that you get with almost any home has a wood stained cabinet and a granite countertop that matches the same tone. Although this is a normal looking kitchen there is nothing amazing about it. The kitchen should be something that you love to be in and look at. One of the best trends that people are using in their home is a black and white combo. This is a beautiful look and can lend to a clean and modern styled home. Most people will use white as the main color on cabinets and counters. They may accent the area with black chairs, décor and even appliances. These two colors that go great together and is a very common combination is perfect when mixed in a kitchen.
Metal Accent Ideas for Kitchens: When you have a kitchen design you want to make sure that the hardware is interesting too. One of the ways that people are increasing the look of the hardware is to use metal accents. You can use brass and other dark hued metals as hinges and knobs. You can also use knobs that have fun and interesting shapes and sizes. These can be a pull bar or a knob that make a huge impact in the room. Metal is also being used more and more as a backsplash and as an accent in the artwork as well.
Kitchen Ceiling Color & Trim: The most common ceiling color that people use is just white. The white paint is often matte or semi gloss and covers the space without a second thought. We all make sure that the walls are painted a color that we love and the floors are a beautiful stone or wood but when it comes to the ceiling they just leave it alone. A new trend that is coming is to use the ceiling as another way to show off some color and texture. You can have wood paneling installed, paint the ceiling or have wood beams put up. These are all ways to add a level of depth to your kitchen.

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