Modern & Contemporary Lighting Fixtures in Sunnyvale, CA for Your Next Home Remodel

When you want to upgrade your home to the high end look that you want it can take some effort. You will want to make some upgrades when it comes to fixtures and finishes. You also want to upgrade the flow of the space in many instances to create the open concept that many people are choosing. One area of the home that you can upgrade and change is the type of lighting that is being used in the house. If you want to keep up with the trends then it is a good idea to replace the lighting fixtures with modern or trendy fixtures. There are a lot of options that are available to you when you update the fixtures and you want to make sure you understand what they are when remodeling your home. They are one of the finishing touches that can really make a statement in the room and bring out the style that you want. Future Vision Remodeling outlines what light fixtures are trendy for your home remodeling project.

Light Fixture Finishes

When you are choosing a style of light there are lots to look at but you want to also pay attention to the finish that they offer. The metal that is used on the lighting fixture should match the rest of the décor. One of the styles that fits great with many high end kitchen, bathroom and other home remodeling projects is a soft gold. This is a lighter gold tone that is brushed and therefor has a small amount of shine. It fits good in a room that has lots of white, grey and other neutrals. You can tie this same finish in your cabinet hardware and some of the décor that you use in the house. If soft gold is not right for you then soft silver would be great as well.

Vintage Light Bulbs

Many people are looking for ways to step back in time and add some older looking fixtures and bulbs to a space. The look of an old Edison bulb has more character than a standard bulb and usually lets off a warmer tone when used. You want to make sure that the fixture that you choose to house these bulbs are simple and allow the bulb to make the statement. Many people will choose to have a line of hanging Edison bulbs over a counter or in an entry way.

Industrial Light Fixtures

Another style that homeowners are bringing into a space to make a statement and show off some style is with industrial looks. When it comes to lighting you can use industrial looks and material that are more bold. The industrial look is great in an open entry point where you want to have an impact piece. You can also use them in a kitchen to stand out over a standard lighting option. Be sure to talk about these pieces and how they might look in your space.

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