Modern Exterior House Remodel in Santa Clara, CA; Layer Outdoor Lighting, Mixing Patterns & More

There are lots of areas in a home that you can take and do a remodel. No matter what area you look at, a good remodeling job can make an impact on the value of the home and the look and the feel. One area of the home that can be remodeled and brought into a more modern feel is the outdoors. The outdoor space is just as important as the rest of the home especially in the warmer months. More and more people are choosing to make changes to their outdoor living space that bring it to a more modern tone. There are ways to create a modern look to your outdoor space. Future Vision Remodeling outlines what you can do to create a modern space in your outdoor living area.

Paint Exterior Structures to Match

One of the latest and modern trends that you will see when you go to many buildings is what is called painted structures. The structures that are built to create a living area outside are usually made from raw materials. The materials that are used are usually brick, metal, wood and even vinyl. Many times these materials are used together with each other to create the area that you want to use for sitting and more. The great thing is that to create the space you want and make it feel and look more modern you want to paint the structures in complementary colors. It is a great way to let the feel of the material as well as the shape to exist but the area is very streamlined in the end.

Have a Plan to Layer Outdoor Lighting

One of the main areas of concern that people tend to have when doing a remodeling job in their home is where the natural light will come from. They may add more windows and doors to a space to create the natural light that people crave. The great thing about an outdoor space is that the amount of natural light is abundant and no need to create areas for it to shine. That cannot and should not be the only source of light because you want to use the space when the sun goes down as well. The way to add a modern flare to the area is to use lighting in layers. You want to have lights ar the base of the structure to create some up lighting. You also need lights that can be coming down from the main structure. Lastly don’t be scared to add some scones on the pillars or walls outside the home as well.

Mixing Patterns & Geometric Shapes in Decorating

When you are ready to design the space and add some décor you want to bring in some fun shapes. The way to create more modern look is to use shapes that are geometrical and edgy. This can be in the furniture pieces that you use or the fabric that is on the pillows and other upholstery. It can also be any décor that you may use to hang in the space as well.

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