Outdoor Kitchen Must Haves in Campbell, CA; Best Appliances, Task Lighting, Storage & More

When you see the best outdoor kitchens, they all have some things in common. They all seem to be functional and beautiful; an extenuation of the interior of the home to the great outdoors. You want the space to be cozy and comfortable like the inside of your home, but durable and great for entertaining while enjoying some fresh air. Future Vision Remodeling is here to share some must haves for any outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Layout Guidelines

No matter how awesome an outdoor kitchen looks, if the layout doesn’t work, the kitchen won’t get used as often. Start with the basics and work your way up. Think about flooring choices that make sense and won’t be slippery when they get wet with spills. Take into consideration the type of entertaining you are likely to do with the space. Choose finishes that will work well with your existing style and design type of your home.

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances Dominate the Plans

When working with a contractor to design your outdoor kitchen, they will likely ask you what size the appliances you need are and how many you plan on having. This will determine a lot in the building of your outdoor kitchen. Think about installing different countertop heights to create dimension in your outdoor kitchen. As a rule, 36” are great work standing and cooking at, 30” is perfect for sitting and 42” is ideal for bar heights.

Lots of Outdoor Kitchen Storage

The worst mistake you can make when designing your outdoor kitchen is not enough storage space. You want to have ample room to store and prepare when working in your kitchen. The amount of storage you need will greatly depend on the type of entertaining you are planning to do. If you are planning on having dozens of people at your house for a get together, you may want to consider more storage than someone that just has small dinner parties here and there.

Choose Best Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

You want to choose reliable appliances for your outdoor kitchen. These appliances are going to be outside and need to be durable. Stainless steel is always a good choice for outdoor kitchens. Gas powered grills are often desired in an outdoor kitchen and you may want to consider having a gas line installed so that you don’t have to worry about propane tanks.

Outdoor Kitchen Task Lighting Ideas

The best designed outdoor kitchens have just a touch of lighting to create the perfect ambiance. Warm lighting can be strung or installed so that you can enjoy the space clear into the night. Think about other options to make the space comfortable as well like comfortable furniture, a nice area rug or some plants and flowers to really make the outdoor kitchen feel like an extension of your home.

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