Plans for Exterior Living Spaces in Millbrae, CA; Outdoor Kitchens, Fireplaces, Seating & More

When creating the perfect outdoor living space there is no one size fits all. Each person is unique and likes to spend time outdoors doing different things. Many people love to host back yard parties, and others smaller social events. Other people like to find a quiet place to relax and do some reading or perhaps they want more space for family activities. When designing your outdoor living space, you may want many different features to help you enjoy the fresh air, a cool breeze and a slice of nature. Future Vision Remodeling will share some of the top requested features for outdoor living spaces.

Outdoor Living Room Design Ideas

Outdoor living rooms are becoming a major theme for backyards. All living rooms are centered around an enhanced entertainment area, complete with TV and a great sound system. Yes, many outdoor television centers are being designed to create an outdoor entertainment experience. Most outdoor living rooms or entertainment areas are semi-enclosed, which helps to protect the sensitive equipment from the exterior elements. It also important to design a cover or shelter for the electrical devices when they are not in use. Some televisions are completely encased or sealed to prevent weathering or damages. However, outdoor living rooms don’t always center around the television. You can add a gas fire pit or bars for snacks and beverages if you choose.

Fireplaces & Outdoor Seating

There are those who don’t want to mix technology with nature. Many people will design an elaborate lounge area that is centered around a fire pit. The crackling sight of fire is relaxing to many. It wards off danger at night and provides warmth and light. One of the key features to outdoor living spaces are either fire pits or even complete fireplaces. For semi-enclosures, many people will request a fireplace for their outdoor seating area.

Outdoor Kitchens

Everyone seems to want an outdoor kitchen these days and why not? Outdoor kitchens have plenty of space to prepare and serve food. They also allow for other appliances or cooking areas, such as a brick oven cooker and a grill along with an oven and stove top. You can easily clean up with an outdoor sink and even a dish washer. Sometimes the outdoor kitchen is more elaborate than the interior kitchen. Combined with the kitchen, you can have an outdoor dining area. Many people will choose a small simple bar along with the kitchen to preserve space. However, others will have a dedicated dining area for larger gatherings or families.

Outdoor Structures, Shelters & Canopies

When designing an outdoor living space, there is often a structure that accompanies the overall design. The most favored is a deck. Designing a deck for an outdoor living space can come in many unique shapes and even including multiple levels. Another favorite are screen porches to allow the fresh breeze to flow through but also helps keep nature partially out. For those with allergies, screen porches are optimal to help reduce contact with pollen.

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A homeowner can go wild with an outdoor living space. When you want to enhance your backyard and create an environment that you can enjoy, contact Future Vision Remodeling.

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