Green Home Remodeling & Building Renovation Tips in Belmont, CA; Eco Friendly Windows & More

As the focus is becoming more and more turned towards making the switch to greener living, there are many people interested in making their home a greener space. When you are remodeling your home with an eco-friendly focus, you want to make smart choices that will really make a difference in minimizing the carbon footprint left behind by your home. Future Vision Remodeling is here to share some tips to make your home remodel a green one.

Home Energy Audit

Before you start on your green remodel, you want to know where your home stands with its energy usage. The best way to get an accurate picture of what this looks like is with a professional home energy audit. You will be able to see the weak points in your home which will help you know where you want to focus your attention.

Get Eco-Friendly Windows

When you don’t have energy efficient windows in your home, you would be surprised at how much heat and cool air you lose because of them. Consider having double or triple pane windows installed in your home to give you the most energy efficient option out there. Think about choosing windows with sustainable harvested wood rather than vinyl or PVC as those aren’t an eco-friendly choice due to the way they are manufactured. Fiberglass windows are also a wise choice as they are made from sand and we have unlimited resources there.

Get Your Remodeling Supplies Locally

If the supplies you have chosen for your green remodel have to be shipped across the country, or even the world, you can’t really claim that they are a green option. When you choose materials that are found locally, you know that you have done your part to keep your sustainable choices truly green.

Use Low VOC Paints

Many paints have high VOC (volatile organic compounds) in them that are emitted into the air. Today, you have more options that ever before as far as low VOC paint goes. This is the best choice for any green remodel. You won’t have the strong fumes that you have when you choose other paint options and will have been indoor air quality as well.

Properly Insulate a House

When your walls are properly insulated, you won’t have to work so hard to heat and cool your home. Insulation is often overlooked during a green remodel, when it should actually be a main focus. Actually, this is so important that many areas offer a rebate to help with the cost to help motivate more people to do it.

Passive Solar Home Design Plans

Make small adjustments to your home that will make the sun work for you. If you play it right, during the winter the sun will heat your home while in the summer months, block out the heat that it brings.

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