Questions to Ask when Designing & Building a Custom Home in Monte Sereno, CA

There are homes you’ll walk into and fall in love with the floor plan. You may also walk into a home and wonder what were they thinking. The rooms may be small, or the master bedroom just isn’t designed well. The floor plan of one home might work for one family and not another because every family wants something different. When you have a custom home built you get to design the home exactly the way you want. You get to customize the floor plan and you have the final say in just home your home will all come together. New home statistics show that Americans are building new homes at rates unseen since before the financial crisis. We all love the idea of building something new and moving into a home that no one has ever lived in before. Building a custom home also allows you to use best technology and energy efficiency available today, creating the perfect living space for you and your family. Are you thinking about building a custom home?

Questions to Ask a Custom Home Builder when Considering New Construction

1. Will my plot of land affect floor plan options? You can design your dream home anywhere you want when you work with a custom home builder. Whether it’s a small plot just outside of town or in the heart of the city. You may want to split off a few acres from a family acreage or have the option to build on the entire acreage. While your options are endless, many aspects of the home can influence the floor plan you want. For example, a long and narrow plot will be better suited for a home built up a few stories.
2. Build a house to suit your lifestyle. Customizing your home allows you to have a home that will fit your lifestyle. If your family likes to spend time outdoors, you’ll need a mudroom. If you like to entertain, then you’ll need an open concept home. If you work from home, then you will need to have a space to do it. Think about the future of your family and design accordingly.
3. Is aging in place important? With the future in mind, consider a forever home that you can stay in for good. This will provide you with a home that will be accessible no matter how your life evolves. You can potentially avoid assisted living facilities when your home is designed the right way, with wider door openings, faucets and fixtures that are easy to use and a walk-in shower with a bench for example.
4. How much storage do I need in my new house? One of the biggest reasons people move is because they need more space. You will always find ways in your existing home where you think storage space should have been added. Customize your home to use all the space available! Add a closet under the stairs or built in storage in your master bedroom. Adding storage spaces makes for a cleaner house too.

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