Remodeling with Smart Home Apps & Entertainment Technology in Mountain View, CA

With modern technological advancement we can now have easier and more comfortable home living. There are a number of new technologies that can be used in your home that can make home life easier. Technology can especially help the elderly and disabled. If you are planning to remodel your home, you may start picking out new flooring, countertops, wall color and themes, but make sure to also consider what new high tech gadgets you may want installed during your home’s major remodeling to help make your everyday living better. Future Vision Remodeling will share some of the top technological products that are being installed during remodeling.

New Audio & Visual Entertainment Technology

Those who love hosting family and friends might want to gather to watch boxing, football, or other special events. There may be those who want to play music at a party. Perhaps you’re the kind of person who takes their personal entertainment seriously. If so, consider remodeling for the best entertainment system. Some considerations for the perfect entertainment system is, of course, audio and visual. For a theater caliber visual system, consider designing for an ultra-high definition display system. These display systems can be directly installed as part of the wall, or more traditionally, as a separate viewing system. However, you can link all of your TVs or theater systems together. Audio is equally important along with viewing comforts. You can install a speaker system throughout the home as well as in your entertainment room creating perfect surround sound. With modern or smart home technology you can link your home theater system as part of a music play list and play music throughout the home. These speaker systems are now wireless which makes it much easier to install. No more rewiring needs to be done to enjoy a full entertainment system throughout your home. When remodeling, consider your home’s theater and sound system and how to make it more enjoyable for you.

Mood & Smart Lighting Control Systems

Light plays a major role in your mood. During social gatherings you may want to create a bright uplifting environment, or you may want to dim the light down for a more relaxing atmosphere. Not just for social events, but even for everyday living. After you get home from a long day at work, you may want to dim the lights down to help you relax, or maybe let in natural sunlight. There are many options that make controlling the lighting around you much easier. Let’s start with controlling natural sunlight. We’ll often block out the sun to help keep the inside cooler and darker. However, there are times we crave more light and maybe even heat. We can do this with automated shade solutions. You will find a wide variety of motorized blind systems that can be controlled with a simple remote. This makes controlling all of your home windows much easier. Another consideration is light control. Many people know how awesome dimmer switches are but consider using smart dimmers. Rewiring is often needed when installing a smart wall dimmer mount. Not only can you control the lighting more effectively, many systems will also connect to a remote or even app on a smart phone.

All in One Universal Smart Home App

Yes, you can bring all of your smart home technology to a single app. With a single touch on your phone you can control lighting, window blinds, entertainment systems and the like. You can also turn on your coffee maker, your HVAC system, and even see what’s inside your refrigerator. Begin preparing for the future. Many people assume a smart home is a luxury for the super wealthy. However, as the technology advances you will see they are becoming much more affordable and every home can become a smart home. When remodeling your home consider remodeling for a smart home and have a home that is as beautiful as it is easy.

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Everyone should be able to make their home living easier and more comfortable. If you’re interested in remodeling your home and want to add in smart home technology, Future Vision Remodeling can help. For all of your luxury and high end remodeling needs, contact Future Vision Remodeling today!

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