Return on Investment; How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Increase Home Value in Monte Sereno, CA?

One of the areas that homeowners are willing to spend the time and money to renovate is the kitchen. The kitchen is often the room in a home that can make or break a sale. If a family can see themselves cooking and gathering in a kitchen that is user friendly and has lots of fun additions they may even overlook other areas that are not as desirable to their needs. The kitchen has many aspects that can be renovated to look great but will still be quite standard. If you want to add some high end appeal to the kitchen there are areas that adding some small or minor additions can increase the appeal substantially. When you are ready to layout your new kitchen remodeling project it is best to talk about the things that you can do to make it feel higher end. Some of the additions can be overlooked if you don’t take the time to plan ahead.

Future Vision Remodeling Lists Renovation Additions to Increase the Appeal of Your Kitchen

Luxury Appliances: One area you can really make a big impact is with the appliances that you choose. There are different types of finishes to select from stainless steel to standard white. You can even get a wood panel finish to match the color of the cabinets. The coloring of the appliances is really only one aspect. You also need to consider the size such as a six burner stove top or a double oven. Having these extra additions to your appliances can make the ease of cooking very appealing to a potential new homeowner when it comes time to sell.
High End Plumbing Fixtures: Don’t skimp on the fixtures that you use for your plumbing aspects. Having a nice size and shape sink along with the perfect faucet is a great way to set the space that is often the centerpiece. You can also have an additional pot filler faucet added to the kitchen near the stove top. This will send near boiling hot water out which can get your water boiling faster than a standard faucet can.
Upgrade Kitchen Cabinets: Another area that most people over look how much uniqueness they can give is the cabinets. You can choose a full size cabinet that that has beautiful casing. You can also utilize some very specific cabinet ideas such as a cabinet that houses the trash bins. You can also use the corner of the kitchen cabinet set as a lazy Susan. This allows the space to maximize the usage and make it much easier to organize the space as well. You can also add a pull out cabinet that is great for the space you want to keep your larger pots and pans. You can organize the area and get to the items in a much easier fashion.
Add Storage & Power to Kitchen Island: You want to get the most out of your center island as possible. This will mean that you add electricity to the island as well as some cabinets for storage. You can extend the top so that stools can be used as a breakfast bar when necessary.

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