Should Door Trim Match Baseboard in a Luxury Room with High Ceilings in Foster City, CA

When you are looking to increase the look and feel of your home most people find ways to make the home look more high end. The house can be standard with the same décor that everyone uses or you can spruce up the look. To make your home look and feel more high end there are some tricks that are used. You want to pick the right flooring options that include natural stone or hardwood. You also want to make sure that your bathrooms are upgraded with the latest and greatest options such as a rain shower and a Jacuzzi tub. There are also the paint choices that you make as well as how the walls look. When you choose to upgrade your trim work around your home it is best to know what options are available.

Future Vision Remodeling Offers Tips for Choosing Trim in Your High End Home

Gold Leaf & Other Luxury Crown Molding: One of the best pieces of trim to upgrade or have installed when you remodel your home is the crown molding. Some people also call it cornice. The molding is essentially a piece of woodwork that is cut and prepared to fit on the space that is on between the wall and the ceiling. The crown can be purchased in several widths and fashions. Most people will choose a wider molding to show off the trim that is being installed. Often times it is painted a nice bright glossy white and the wider the better. Some people want a nice smooth piece of molding while others want one that has more intricate design. Be sure you are happy with what you choose since it will be there until you decide to make another change.
Contemporary & Modern Baseboard: Another option that you have when you are picking out trim for your home is to go with an upgraded baseboard. The baseboard is similar to crown molding in the sense that it is also a decorative piece that is made of wood or some other composite material. The baseboard is used and installed at the base of the wall near the floor. It is also most often painted a bright white. This is a great way to outline the room and make a beautiful impact.
Luxury Chair Rail & Wainscoting: If you want to add more molding around your home and to your walls you can have a chair rail installed in the home. This is a great way to do a two tone color in a room and have a nice clean line in-between. The chair rail is hung up the wall about where a chair would pull out and hit the wall. The molding is usually not heavy or gaudy but is a great solution in a bedroom or even a dining room. The wainscoting goes up the wall in the same manner but it is a full panel that spans about half way up the wall. It usually mimics the look of wood panels without having to use them across the entire room.

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