Luxury Home Landscape Design Ideas & High End Landscaping Plans in Redwood City, CA

Having the perfect home needs to have the perfect landscape. With edgy landscape designs having modern commodities and breathtaking views, having your perfect landscape is easily accomplished. Landscaping is not limited to a patch of grass, a few of your favorite trees and a flowerbed. In addition to vegetation that captivates you, you can have pebble walkways, ambient lighting, or even extend the living space to the outdoors. No matter what luxury you are looking, for getting your landscape customized to fit your unique style is a lot easier than you suppose. With that in mind, we at Future Vision Remodeling, Inc would like to talk about the different examples of the upgrades you can enjoy before the spring fever hits.

High End Front & Backyard Landscaping Designs & Ideas

1) Walkways and Ponds: If you are looking to add serenity to your landscaping, stone walkways and fresh water ponds can be the right fit for you. With perfectly etched pathways in the lawn leading to a the right sized fresh water pond, enhanced with ambient lighting and the right foliage, your landscape can give you the little escape to help you find the peace and calmness you need, conveniently in your own backyard. Incorporating the soft hues in your materials and vegetation will also contribute to your private sanctuary.
2) Lighting & Entertainment: Lighting in the landscape has evolved with like LED and solar options allowing you to enhance the landscape with ambiance, colored, bold, twinkling, and everything in between. The right lighting can truly be the cherry on top, making your landscape especially charming and elegant. Additional technological advances do not limit you to the lights, but WiFi and entertainment centers, including TV and music, are being incorporating into landscapes for those who want to combine nature and modern conveniences.
3) Extended Living Space: When the weather permits, hosting outdoor activities with immediate family, extended family, or even just friends, extending the living space into the landscape might be the best option. From outdoor kitchens to participate with loved ones while enjoying the fresh air, to BBQ pits, you can take advantage of beautiful masonry or carpentry options.
4) Edible Organic Food: Many people are looking to grow their organic foods in the comforts of their own gardens. You can easily transform your entire landscape or even just a portion of it into delightful consumables. Growing in strategically placed spectacles, the herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables can conjure a delightful scene in your landscape.
5) Additional Considerations: There are other considerations that can upgrade your landscape into luxury. Native plants will flourish along with beautifying the landscape. They are simple to sustain and the care and maintenance is easy. Fire pits or even fireplaces can also be a perfect addition to your landscape. Keep the get-togethers intimate with some marshmallow roasting and light socializing; likely to trend for decades to come!

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Don’t forget to add the drip system or irrigation to properly deliver the water to your vegetation. You will not have to worry about over watering, which is an excellent choice to be more eco-friendly while not sacrificing a lush landscape. Call the professionals of Future Vision Remodeling, Inc to discuss upgrading your landscaping and let our specialists help you get the customized landscape of your dreams.

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