Solar Power Design & Calculation Formula in Sunnyvale, CA; How Many Panels Required & More

Designing and calculating for solar requirements isn’t an easy task. There are a number of factors that determine where solar panels are installed and how many panels are needed, alongside a few others considerations. Today Future Vision Remodeling will share how solar energy is calculated and what considerations are needed when a home is installed with solar power.

Solar Power Calculations & Considerations

Battery Storage – Solar energy needs to create enough energy to provide power during the nighttime hours and during certain weather conditions. This is when a battery comes necessary. Batteries are measured by Amp Hours. To know what battery is needed, there is a mathematical equation. In most cases, the Amp hours need to be converted to Watt hours. This is usually done by the solar contractor. Some ask if you can simply use a car battery to help save money. Unfortunately, that is not how solar systems work. Automobile batteries are far different than solar batteries. There are two types of batteries used for solar: Lead acid batteries, and Li-Ion Batteries which are superior but usually more expensive.
Appliance Usage – If you want to become completely independent of public energy, which only a few selected regions allow, there is another major consideration. Appliances such as refrigerators, water heaters, and the HVAC require constant energy and a lot of it. When solar energy is being calculated, each appliance in the home needs to be measured and accounted for, followed by all the other electrical devices.
Solar Panels – Depending on your climate, solar energy is rated differently. Luckily, the state of California produces the most amount of solar energy and more so than other states. This means the need for fewer panels than other states. Depending on the material or type of panel used, each varies on how much energy they can absorb. The solar installer product will determine how many panels will be needed to help generate enough power.
Solar Panel Placement – Solar panel design is determined by the home’s roofing and the direction of the sun. As the sun moves and rises from the east and sets in the west, the panel will need to capture as much sun light as possible. The panels may be placed in different sections of the roof to capture sunlight throughout the day. Trees and other obstructions are also taken into account when the solar panels are placed on the roof. Trees can shade panels or block the sun, which would make those panels useless. If you’re considering installing solar panels, you may need to trim or remove trees to capture all the needed sunlight to create enough power.
Roof Condition – Another major consideration before installing solar is the condition of the roof. The roof will need to hold the weight of the panels. Additionally, the panels will need to be secure to the roof. If the roof is damaged or weakened due to age or improper installation, the roof will need to be repaired before the solar panels are installed.

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