Modern Exterior House Design Styles in Los Gatos, CA; Red Cedar Wood, Stone, Brick, Vinyl & More

The exterior of your home speaks for itself, which is why there comes a time when an older home or even a newer one may require some remodeling. As the exterior of your home dulls and fades, you may wonder what changes you might want to make. There are many exterior styles and materials that can be used. Future Vision Remodeling would like to share some of the popular materials used for exterior remodeling. For those considering remodeling the exterior of their home, here are some of the most popular styles and materials that can be utilized.

Exterior Design Home Styles

Stone or Brick Siding – Each homeowner strives to find the right look for their home. One way to add a touch of class with a natural look is to use a stone or brick face. Most have both natural and synthetic versions. The price varies to help make any budget work for this amazing look. With modern technology the synthetic look and feel seems very real and both are easily installed. Many homeowners are adding brick or stone faces to their home which gives each home a charming look.
Vinyl Siding – One of the current favorite exterior materials being used is vinyl. Vinyl comes in many styles and colors. Additionally, it is easily maintained and is affordable. Vinyl is perfect for Victorian style homes. The vinyl appears as realistic as the imitated materials, such as wooden logs, wood strips, and even slats siding. As the vinyl fades it can easily be cleaned and repainted to maintain your home’s appearance.
Fiber Cement Siding – Another popular choice for an imitation material is fiber cement siding. Fiber cement siding uses a stucco like material or cement that is molded to resemble wooden panels, clapboards and shingles. For homeowners who like the natural look of wood but not the care, fiber cement is the way to go. No maintenance is involved with fiber cement. All the homeowner needs to do is repaint the outside of the home when the paint begins to fade. Fiber cement is fire resistant, and of course imitates wood exactly.
Red Cedar Wood – For those who really like wood and want to add a modern yet rustic feel to their home consider using red cedar. Many describe red cedar as a contemporary look, yet it is a classic building material. Red cedar is one of the most durable types of wood when it comes to exposure to outdoor elements. Red cedar does require maintenance but for some, it is a worthwhile investment.
Exterior Siding Color – Many materials used on the exterior siding of your home can be painted. Don’t be afraid to use multiple colors on the exterior part of your home. Doors, windows, and trim can be a different color with the siding having a friendly color palette to bring your home’s exterior to life.

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Remember most people see the outside of your home and only few ever get invited inside. When your home needs a makeover, don’t neglect the outside when contemplating your home’s next remodeling. When you’re ready to remodel your home, Future Vision Remodeling is experienced and ready to create a luxurious home for you. Contact Future Vision Remodeling today.

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