Vinyl, Aluminum Metal & Wood Pergola Design Ideas for Shade & Shelter in San Jose, CA

What is a pergola? Pergola comes from the Italian word pergula, which means projection and refers to the wood structure in Roman gardens that projected for exterior walls, supported on one side by columns or pillars. A pergola is a structure that consists of framework that is covered with trained climbing or trailing plants and can be freestanding or attached to a house. The posts hold up roof rafters that run in one direction, with crisscrossing slats running in the opposite direction. A pergola can shade a deck or patio and create a comfortable space even in the middle of the afternoon. As the sun moves across the sky, the open roof of a pergola will provide different levels of shade, but always leave you with partial sun. Pergolas are most easily classified by their open-roofed designs and simple post and beam structure.

What Purpose Does a Pergola Serve?

Pergolas are a great way to provide shelter around outdoor kitchens and seating and eating areas. The open roof design makes if safe to cook outdoors and provides a dynamic view through the top. They provide shade and define a space all the while allowing for expansive views and are great settings to gather together with friends and family or to simply relax. Pergolas look beautiful with vines. You can go with plants like wisteria and grape vines work great in conjunction with pergolas. The vines will need to be trained after they have been set up so they will creep up and over the roof. This will allow for stunning beauty, shelter from the sun and an exotic feel, regardless of where you live! When you use a pergola as the base structure to create a lighting environment, it can be fun and very rewarding. Lights can be strung or chandeliers can be hung but will depend on the height or any other lighting ideas you might have. Express your individuality. Looks from classic and elegant to fun and quirky, the possibilities are endless.

What can Pergolas Be Made of?

Pergolas can be custom built or purchased as a kit. The kits come in vinyl, metal and wood, with pros and cons to each material.
1. Vinyl. If you like the painted look then vinyl is the way to go. There isn’t any upkeep either because there isn’t any staining or painting that will need to be done. PVC is a very durable material and is commonly used on home exteriors. It’s long-lasting beauty with virtually no maintenance.
2. Metal. Metal pergolas offer the most solid construction. They are typically minimal in design and give a modern feel to any environment. They are usually the least expensive in any outdoor living spaces too.
3. Wood. This is the most classic material used for pergolas. They exude the Mediterranean lifestyle and can be found in wineries all over the world. Wood pergolas can be a great investment.

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