DIY VS Hiring Remodelers Part 2; Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling in Foster City, CA

Bathrooms and kitchens require a more robust budget. Depending on what you want to keep or replace, cabinets alone can devour a modest budget, and appliances can be pricey. If you refinish and retain your cabinets it will be much cheaper. The big box stores also sell cabinet doors, so the next step up in cash outlay would be refinish the cabinet and put on new doors. Cabinet doors are what draws the eye, not the box part. Stoves, ovens, cooktops, sinks and faucets as well as fridges are the next tier in a kitchen remodel. Undeniably kitchen floors are a primary ‘bling’ factor in the kitchen with floors and cabinetry contributing to the visual appeal.

Time for a Bathroom Remodel?

Bathrooms, depending on your ambitions are the next most expensive renovation; dens and man caves aside. The big expense is walls, floors, sinks, cabinets and fixtures. The final tab is dependent of what you keep and what you replace. Generally, tile is the dominate wall and floor treatment and many a wall and floor have been laid by the intrepid DIYer. Professional installation however usually gives a much better finished result. Some fixtures run into the thousands, many in the hundreds of dollars. Painting is usually trim only and not beyond the capability of most home owners.

Bedroom Remodeling, Renovation or Makeover

Bedrooms are limited to walls, light and switch fixtures and floors. Bedrooms can be done more inexpensively as there is no plumbing, appliances or cabinets typically involved. Sweat equity being the time and energy you put into the project yourself will make many projects affordable. Major build-outs and alterations that include structural changes or additions such as combining two bedrooms into a master suite should definitely include a competent contractor. Generally hiring a contractor can smooth the permit phase and ensure that any major construction complies with the local and national building code standards.

Home Exterior Makeovers

After you have the basics like kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms it’s time to consider either moving outside to tackle the yard and improve your ‘curb’ appeal or maybe budget for that luxury room, family, den or man cave. Don’t forget the ladies, some have caves of their own, probably palace or castle rooms would be more appropriate. Outside projects include shutters, window treatments like trim or planters. Sidewalks using paving stone, fencing, trees and planters with front yard landscaping provide many avenues for the creative. Arbors and trellises would be major ‘pop’ additions. Moving to the backyard: patio, pergolas and gazebos. Barbecues and outdoor ovens, lawn for the kids and perhaps a raised garden or two. Infrastructure like irrigation systems and other treatment like ponds, fountains and of course pools. If you inherited a pool some changes may be in store. Like refinishing the pool walls or replacing fixtures or pumps and items to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. Perhaps an open rinse off shower to wash away the chlorine.

Home Remodeling & More in Redwood City, Foster City & Greater San Jose, California

Options are almost limitless and constrained only by your imagination and budget. Many options lend themselves to the DIY inclined home owner, others would best be handled by a professional designer and contractor. Contact us for more information.

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