What are the Best Upscale Window Treatments & Coverings for Your Loyola, CA Living Room & Home

When you are looking at upgrading your home and doing remodeling you want to make sure that you think about all the aspects of the project. Of course taking time to schedule what remodeling you want to do whether it is a room addition or gutting out your kitchen, the big picture is what most people will focus on first. The main work is making the plans and getting the permits to do the work. Then the construction will begin where you might be getting new flooring, windows, lighting, cabinets and so much more. After the main work has been done you can start the design work. This is where you can really let the style and personality shine. It is in the small details and the décor that you choose. One of the most important parts of a room is the natural light that is let in. That means the windows can and should be a focal point. That is why taking the time to understand the different window treatment options is a great idea.

Future Vision Remodeling Outlines the Best Window Treatments & Covering Options for You

Velvet & Other Drapes: One of the most traditional ways to treat a window is to use drapes. They are a traditional look but you can make it more modern and fun with the type of material you use and the rings that you use as well. The drapes are great on a window that has the room for them. They are usually hung down each side of the window and are the best if they run the whole length all the way down to the floor. You want to use drapes on a window that is not being covered with any furniture and does not have a radiator nearby. The drapes can be any type of material that you want and can have an endless array of colors and patterns. You can use fun rings that will hang the drapes from the bar. They can help to tie the colors all together.
Floral, Striped, Patterned Roman Shades: Another option that you should consider is a roman shade. These are a shade that is made like an accordion that is woven in and out. The material can be fun and help add some décor to the room. It is also a very functional way to add treatments to a window. The shades are great because they can be pulled down to cover the window and block out sun as well as outside traffic. When you want to open them up and add some light to the room you can do that too! When they are pulled they have a very cool and modern look.
Custom Window Valances: There are some windows that you don’t want to cover so leaving them un-obscured is the way to go. That does not mean that you cannot add some décor or a treatment to the space. You can use a valance with will only land just above the window and can be a pattern or style that fits in well with the room. The piece is not able to be drawn down but does offer some design that some people want to add a level of elegance to a space. These are often hung in kitchens.

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