Why is Landscaping Important for Your Redwood City, CA Home; Adds Privacy, Cleans Air & More

After a major remodeling to enhance your home or if you have recently built a home on an empty piece of land, it is time to turn your attention to your home’s landscaping. A home’s landscaping should equal the look and beauty of the home for many reasons. There are many considerations when it comes to landscaping such as improving curb side appeal and enhancing the look of your home along with many other perks. Future Vision Remodeling will share how important landscaping is and what consideration goes into landscape and an equally beautiful yard.

Importance of Landscaping

Nature’s Flaws – Nature has many flaws that should be corrected to help protect the home and other outdoor features. For example, there may be a low or sunken-in portion of your land that pools or collects water each time it is rains. Pools of water can kill grass and other plants or even cause various types of damages. Additionally, standing pools of water draws in mosquitoes. When a home is landscaped, it is leveled or intentionally formed to remove any imperfect design by nature.
Add Privacy to Landscaping – Luxury homes often have a lot of large windows installed to bring in the beauty of nature and natural light. Where many love this open feel, at night when the lights are on, you now lack privacy. To help reduce the view of this neighborhood theater, there are many landscaping options to provide you more privacy and still allow you to connect to nature. Landscape designs take in account needed privacy. It can help determine which plants or trees will offer more privacy and where the best places are to plant while making your yard beautiful. Landscaping is nature’s curtains and can help provide more privacy.
Erosion Protection – Depending on your home’s location you may need a retaining wall as part of your landscaping. If you live near or on a hill or mountainous area, rain can cause water to flow right towards your home. To help protect your home from erosion, often a retaining wall is recommended.
Plants Clean Air – The more plants you have, the better you’ll improve the air quality around your home. By planting the right plants with those that grow in your area, you can help enhance the air around you, encourage bee pollination, and fight pollution. Additionally, plants along with the right landscaping can help reduce stress and enhance productivity. Studies by the American Psychological Association and Natural Geographic, suggests that those who connect with nature and spend time among vegetation live happier and healthier lives.
Increases Home Value – When a home is landscaped and has sprinkler systems and light accents, it increases efficiency, is safer and the value of the home and property is enhanced. When you have a beautiful home that you’ve either remodeled or recently built, you will want an equally functioning and beautiful landscape. With the proper design, plant life and features as part of your landscaping, you can increase the total value of your home and property.

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