Adding an Extra Room onto a House in Palo Alto, CA; Remodel or Add to Existing Structure?

Have you bought a new house or are have you been filling up the house you currently live in? A house is the place that you want to be comfortable and have enough space to enjoy yourself. Over time you may start to realize that you are running out of that space to be able to enjoy. That is why a room addition is a great way to stay in the house that you are in or buy the house that you want. A room addition can be done and will only add value to your home if it is done right. Adding a room to your house is a great way to add to the space that you need and also to re-designate the space that you already have. It is best to have a professional do the new room addition so that the correct permits are pulled and the outcome is just what you envisioned.

Future Vision Remodeling Outlines Room Home Addition Considerations

Remodel or Add to Existing Structure: The first thing that you really need to know and talk about is what kind of space are you talking about. There are two ways to add a room to your home. The first is when you re-designate the area that you already have and add some walls to enclose a new space. This is where you are not adding any actual square footage to the home but are making a new bedroom, bathroom or media room. The other addition you can make is adding to the actual structure of the house. This is when you need actual square footage and you are going to add to the external part of the house. You need to make sure that you look at where you need the space and how it will impact the yard and property.
What to Do with an Extra Room: The next thing that you need to consider is what are you going to use the new space for? You will have a new room that you can make into a bedroom, bathroom, game room or living space to name a few. Then you will also have to take time to change the space surrounding the new addition to make it all flow together. The placement of the new room might make is so that other areas of the house have to be changed as well. This might mean moving a door or closet to another wall. It also means that they may need to run power and water to the space depending on the use of the room which is why you need to know what it will be for when the project is started.
Why You Need a Professional Remodeler: When you make any major changes to the house whether it is inside or out it will require permits that need to be pulled from the city or county that you live in. If you don’t know what paperwork to fill out and what you need to do it can lead to fines and extra time on the project. This is why a professional is the way to go. We can pull all permits and make sure that any additions are up to code.

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