Aging in Place Home Remodeling & Modifications

For over 14 years, Future Vision Remodeling has been readily available to deliver commercial and residential remodeling projects in San Jose, California and surrounding areas. Being family owned and operated as well as fully licensed and insured to provide our professional expertise and services to the community at an affordable cost, we have grown into a reputable contracting company. With Future Vision Remodeling, we consistently prioritize our customers by ensuring superior workmanship, friendly customer service and completing the project on time and within budget.

Aging in Place Upgrades Increase Home Value

Future Vision Remodeling has completed many remodeling tasks that have given us the experience including such renovations in San Jose, California for aging in place of residential homes. As people age, physical capabilities can deteriorate making daily life a challenge and for many seniors living comfortably yet independently is essential. Even so, major home remodeling to accommodate the senior living is more cost effective than a senior assisted facility. Remodeling a senior’s home or your home for a senior parent does not only help them, but many of the upgrades add value to a home.

Guide to Aging in Place Home Modifications

Future Vision Remodeling offers many services to help you remodel a San Jose, California home for aging in place. Widening doorways, lever-style door knob installation, grab bar installation, upgrading floors to slip-resistant materials, wheelchair ramp installation, kitchen countertop adjustments, and chair lift or elevator installations are just a few examples.
Doorway Widening: Doors that are narrower than 32” wide cannot accommodate a wheel chair, mobility device or some types of walkers. Widening the doorway and replacing the doorway frame, drywall, and paint as well as potentially re-wiring electrical light switches and such are the basic tasks associated with this project.
Doorknob Lever-Style: Twisting motions on traditional residential doorknobs can become more and more challenging for seniors as arthritis and other conditions limit the motion in wrists and hands. Lever-style doorknobs are easier to grip and operate.
Grab Bars: Often installed in the bathroom, grab bars are durable bars that can help prevent falls on the slippery surface of the bathtub/shower. They can also be installed close to a sink or toilet for additional assistance.
Slip-resistant Flooring: Linoleum or vinyl flooring is proven to offer more traction than slick hard stone floors; as well as being a softer surface should a fall take place. There are other options such as bamboo or cork flooring choices. At the very least, uneven tile or bubbling hardwood floors should be repaired to minimize the risk of falling.
Wheelchair Ramp: Wheelchair ramps are a very convenient, especially where there a few steps leading up to porches and everywhere else in the home. They can also be helpful with walkers and other mobility devices.
Countertop Adjustments: Traditionally, countertops are set at 34” high from off the floor, where those in a wheelchair can comfortably prepare food around 30”, adjust the countertops and installing cabinets to allow those sitting a wheelchair accessibility is a consideration when remodeling for aging in place.
Chair Lift or Elevator: Multi-level homes can benefit from a chair lift that attaches directly to stairs or even installing an elevator for seniors to move between floors is extremely beneficial.

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No matter which of the above services, or if all are ideal for your age in place renovation needs, Future Vision Remodeling of San Jose, California can discuss all of your options to find what is right for you. Contact us for a consultation today.

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