Attic Transformation Remodels

Proudly servicing the residential homeowners and commercial property owners of San Jose, California, Future Vision Remodeling, a fully licensed and insured contractor is eager to provide our valuable services and professional expertise to the community at an affordable cost. Being family owned and operated, we have been fortunate enough to select specialists that have the talents, experience, and training to deliver superior craftsmanship. With the aid of premium materials, products, and equipment exclusive to licensed professionals, Future Vision Remodeling ensures maximum results.

Attic Conversion

Future Vision Remodeling perform many remodeling and renovation services and has plenty of experience converting an unfinished attic into a livable space; whether it is a bedroom, playroom, a room for the men to retreat to, we can remodel your attic in San Jose, California. When it comes to renovating an unfinished attic into a living space, there are many considerations; below you will find a few important factors.

Converting Attic to Loft, Bedroom, Office or Other Space

Headroom: When it comes to the guidelines and codes for standard homes, there are a few restrictions. When it comes to the headroom, code requires at minimum of 7 ½ feet of headroom in over 50% of the space provided. Future Vision Remodeling, Inc experts will come to do the measurements and math to ensure the attic is qualified for remodeling.
Floor Support: In most San Jose, California homes, the floor is constructed of 2X4s, which is not adequate to support the weight for livable space. After Future Vision Remodeling, Inc, assessment of the flooring we will determine if the support is necessary and work it into the scheduling and budget.
Dormers: Dormers are small additions that can raise the roof over a portion of your attic to increase the space. During the inspection, Future Vision Remodeling will discuss the option in further detail.
Construction: The attic requires quite a few inspections to determine the possibilities of the renovation of your attic. Structure is an important element to take under consideration. Attics that are constructed with A-shaped rafters are a very good candidate for remodeling into livable space. However, attics of W-shaped trusses would be more cost effective to simply increase the useable square footage with Future Vision Remodeling, Inc, home addition services.
Light & Windows: Generally, the homes with unfinished attic spaces in San Jose, California are not equipped with windows. For proper ventilation, natural sunlight and to adhere to the building codes, a window and/or skylights would need to be installed. In addition, lighting will have to be mapped out and ceiling fan options should be considered.
HVAC: Unfinished attics are notoriously warm, and with enduring the seasons, options will need to be discussed in regards to HVAC system or other solutions to keep the remodeled attic comfortable.
Plumbing: Deciding if you want to add a bathroom is always a possibility, however, in order for a new bathroom installation to be cost effective, the location should be ideally above the existing bathroom below it.

Attic Transformation Remodels & More in Redwood City, Foster City & Greater San Jose, California

No matter what you ideas are for your San Jose, California attic renovation, Future Vision Remodeling can help you realize your dreams and give you the attic you so desire. Call Future Vision Remodeling today to schedule your consultation to get started!

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