Bathroom Interior Design & Color Remodeling Trends in Emerald Hills, CA ; Natural Stone & More

If you are ready to take on a remodeling project in your home a great place to start is the bathroom. The bathroom is a great room to have some changes made and some upgrades done. It is not a room that you just use to take a quick shower. Most people enjoy their time in the bathroom and it can be more enjoyable when you have upgrades made. You want to make sure that you do some research on what the best options are as well as what the latest trends are as well. There are some trends that come and go but there are also some that are always going to be fitting and beautiful. You want to ensure that you look through options and talk to a professional about what is best. Future Vision Remodeling outlines what some of the best bathroom trends are.

Clean Relaxing Bathroom Colors & Lines

You want to make sure that you make a good plan on what to do with your new bathroom remodel. Of course nothing is better than a nice crisp and clean bathroom but there are ways to create that type of space with your décor. You want to keep the remodel so that it is appealing to others in case you choose to sell the house. You can do that by keeping the space clean and neat. The lines and the colors of the bathroom should reflect that type of feeling with the countertops that you choose and the type of tile that you have installed. You want to make sure that you don’t have any specific area of the bathroom that draws your eye in. You want to keep everything very uniform and clean and make sure that they match up.

Bring in an Element of Wood to Your Bathroom Remodel

If you want to streamline a space in your bathroom you can still add some color and personality to the room. You want to use surfaces and materials that can bring in some warmth to the space as well to keep it from looking too sterile. One great trend that you can go for is to add some wood elements to the room. You can have your shower covered in wood like a sauna making it add a different element but still keep the sleek lines that you want.

Natural Stone For Bathroom Floors & Walls

Another option that remains over the last few years on the top of the list of great trends are natural stone. You can use natural stone for the floors as tile but you can also use it for your walls in your shower as well as the counters. The natural stone can unify the space and add an element of beauty while still staying modern and sleek. You want to choose a stone that will stand up well to moisture.

Buying Best Bathtub for Remodel

A great option that you can go for is to choose a free standing tub. The free standing tub allows some space around the piece and gives an element that is different than the norm. They also come in may styles to fit any bathroom remodel.

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