Open Concept Kitchen & Living Room Floor Plan Remodeling Designs in San Jose, CA

Do you want a bigger, more open kitchen? If so, consider redesigning your entire kitchen with an open concept design. An open kitchen is often seen in modern homes since more and more people favor large, spacious kitchens. If your kitchen feels small and enclosed, consider remodeling your kitchen for more space. Future Vision Remodeling will share open concept kitchen remodeling and see if it is right for you.

What is an Open Concept Kitchen Floor Plan?

An open concept kitchen is a kitchen with no barriers in the kitchen and is often part of the living or dining room. This creates more space as well as a connection with the entire home. In most older homes and even modern homes, kitchens are cut off from the rest of home and even the dining room. However, starting in the early 90’s many homes have been designed with the open kitchen design. The kitchen connects with the living room as well as the dining area. This helps create more space in the kitchen and brings everyone together.

Advantages of an Open Concept Kitchen in Your House

There are many benefits to an open kitchen, beginning with the obvious benefit of more space. More natural light can enter the home by lighting up the common areas in the home. There is also more of a natural flow from the kitchen to the living room which are the most popular areas of the home. Many homeowners with an open kitchen floor plan just love how they can still watch their little ones play in the living while they are doing dishes or cooking. Additionally, you can add value to your home. Value is often based on what attracts buyers and right now, open floor plans are in. By meeting current trends and upgrading kitchen material, you add value to your home.

Design Consideration of an Open Concept Kitchen & Living Room

When remodeling your kitchen for an open floor plan, you might find it also involves other areas of your home. The current design of the home will determine if an open floor plan is possible. Load bearing walls can’t be removed. However, half walls are possible that can create an interior window from the living room or dining room from the kitchen. This can help create more space. Another consideration is the possible reduction of storage. If walls are removed, often the kitchen cabinets on the walls you will be removing will reduce kitchen storage. Another consideration is if there is any plumbing or electrical work in the walls that may need to be moved to create an open floor plan. This all depends on the home and what the current floor plan will allow. However, electrical and plumbing can be relocated or rerouted. You can add islands for additional cooking space or a standing bar. There are many design options that can help enhance your kitchen for those who wish to remodel their home with an open floor plan.

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For those who want more space and want to remodel their home’s kitchen, contact Future Vision Remodeling. We can help determine what open concept floor plan is right for your kitchen and help you redesign your home. For quality remodeling services, contact Future Vision Remodeling today.

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