Bathroom Upgrade Ideas in San Bruno, CA; Bathtub Size, Heat, Air & Water Jets & More

Bathrooms used to be a place that was kept standard and used to get ready and that was about it. The options that used to exist for a bathroom were stale and not enjoyable. Now we live in an age that self-care, relaxation and enjoyment can start at home in a space that is enticing and luxurious. The bathroom is a place that you can do that and many homes now have over-sized bathrooms with space to do what you want with it. The bathroom should have a variety of options and upgrades to add décor, luxury and style to the space. It is an extension of the rest of the house and should fit in. The bathroom has one area that should be given some attention and that is the tub or bathtub. Some people don’t choose to have a bathtub in their space but once you see what options exist you may change your mind and start your bathroom renovation right away. Future Vision Remodeling outlines what high end luxurious options are available for your tub.

Size of Bathtub

One of the things you might be wondering about when it comes bathtubs is what size is right for you. Well the real answer is what size do you want and what level or relaxation you want. The size of the tub you choose will have a huge impact on the room and the enjoyment you can get. Many people are choosing to have a soaking tub as well as jetted tubs. Depending on the amenities you want and the amount of people you want to have relaxing in the space you can add a large over-sized tub.

Air & Water Jets for Bathtub

An option you can choose from is to have air and or water jets added to your tub. A lot of people want to have a place to relax and instead of having to go to the spa you can just to your own bathroom. If your tub has jets you can sit in and get the relaxation that comes with them. You can choose to have a tub that has air jets or even water jets depending on the style that you choose.

Bathtub Light & Heat

When you are ready to get in your tub and have a nice soothing bath you go in the space and start to fill up the tub. Then you can get in and start to enjoy. If you chose to have jets installed you can start using them as well. These are not the only options that you have anymore. You can also add some lighting and heat to the tub. The lights are a way to create an ambiance and atmosphere to bring in calm and peaceful feelings. Color has been proven to evoke certain types of feeling so that is why this is a great option. Heater can be used to keep your tub at the perfect temperature instead of it cooling down to fast and end your relaxation prematurely.

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