Luxury Garage Interiors in Half Moon Bay, CA; Heated Floor, Ceiling Storage System & More

When redesigning your home don’t forget about the garage. There are many aspects of the garage that can use updating and a bit of pampering. The garage is often a place where excess storage goes alongside the cars and can even serve as a bit of a man cave. For those hobbyists who like spending time working in the garage, you will want to make sure the garage has plenty of room, stays orderly and is comfortable. Future Vision Remodeling will share a few ideas on how to improve the garage during your next remodel.

Heated Garage Floor

During the spring, summer and fall seasons, often the garage is a more pleasant place to spend time but not so much in the winter. In the wintertime, the garage can become very cold and unpleasant. However, with radiant underfloor heating you can spend more time in the garage while beating the cold. Tall room garages often benefit the most from underfloor heating as they retain cold longer. For those who love spending time year round in their garage, underfloor heating is a recommended feature to add to the garage.

Garage Flooring

When remodeling the garage you’re not stuck with that concrete flooring. There are a number of flooring options for garages that can be functional and make the garage look amazing at the same time. One common option for garage flooring is using Hybrid Polymer Flooring which comes in many colors and styles with an optional gloss finish. Hybrid polymer flooring is much like paint that is easily cleaned and durable. It also makes any garage look great. Another option for garage flooring is the Interlocking Floor Tiles that comes in different materials. Some homeowners will combine both types of flooring and use a rubber interlocking floor tile for their workspaces and for additional padding.

Storage System on Garage Ceiling

When redesigning your home’s garage, increasing the roof by adding a pitched ceiling can help add storage space or a more interesting workspace. For longer term storage items, adding an attic space or storage area can help get some stuff off the ground and provide more space on the ground. Custom storage also can help make a garage more clean and orderly. Each homeowner and household varies on hobbies and favorite outdoor activities and not one storage system fits all. Custom storage can help store the items you keep in your garage such as biking, kayaks and surfboard, which all use different storage methods. This is why custom storage systems vary between households.

Skylights, Automated Windows & More in Garage

When improving your garage you will want good lights and functional doors. Consider adding skylights for more natural light and automated windows. Smart garage door systems can be activated by a cell phone which helps give more control to the homeowner. Automatic windows can also be installed to provide more control on how much daylight comes through and at what time.

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There are many ways you can enhance the garage and its purposes. When remodeling your garage or other areas of you home, contact Future Vision Remodeling. We provide luxury home remodeling services and more. Contact Future Vision Remodeling and begin redesigning your home today.

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