California Requires Installation of Solar Panels on All New Homes in Mandate for Homeowners

Where solar energy was an optional investment toward clean energy, recent laws have passed that all homes that are being built must have solar electrical systems beginning in 2020. For those who seek to build their own custom home, this law will be in effect at the start of the new year. It is the State of California’s goal to run 50% of the state’s electrical consumption through solar energy by 2030. With this goal in mind, Future Vision Remodeling will share the concept behind this new solar mandated law for new homes that are being built.

Solar Panel Cost

The need to convert to cleaner energy is growing and California is the first State to create a law that all homes must be outfitted with a solar energy system. For contractors, the cost is rolled into the home’s value. This will raise mortgage payments by $40 a month or higher. For the independent homeowner who wants to build a custom home now, a solar energy system has to be added into the cost of the home. Originally the solar system was sized to cover 40% to 50% of the home’s electrical needs. However, the law is now suggesting 100% of energy usage is to be covered. With that said it is essential that a custom home is properly sized, which means all energy usage must be calculated before the solar system can be installed. This makes it difficult to determine the size of the solar energy system. Yes, additional solar energy systems can be added if the home or electrical needs expand over time.

Natural Gas VS Electricity

Not all fuel sources are restricted for newly built homes. Gas energy is still in effect which means heating systems, water heaters, stoves and the oven can still use gas which can help reduce the size and cost of the solar energy system. Using a gas fueling system can greatly reduce the amount of electrical energy used which is a recommended alternative to all solar energy homes.

Energy Budget Based on Square Footage, Zone & Climate

Homes and properties are assigned an energy budget which is based on the home’s total square footage. Other factors will also depend on the property zone and climate. Even though this new mandated solar energy system is in effect, there is some flexibility allowed. For example, homeowners that choose to also install a storage system can reduce the size of the solar system by 25% which can help reduce some cost. Battery storage is an additional expense, but it is recommended for more reliable energy.

Solar Financing Loans for Homeowners

Because solar energy is now a mandated law for new homes, if you fall under the new law there are finance options available. Especially for an independent builder, the homeowner may need to seek financial assistance to afford the cost of installing a solar energy system. With this new law, there are now many solar energy loan, leases, and other financial aids to help get affordable solar energy on new homes.

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For home building permits that are issued, this new the solar law doesn’t yet apply. However, all permits issued at the beginning of 2020 must follow the solar energy laws. Even so, there many benefits of solar energy systems and many homeowners are seeking to add them to their home. If you are building a custom home or seeking to add a solar energy system to your home, contact Future Vision Remodeling. We provide custom home design and construction, remodeling, and solar energy installation. Contact Future Vision Remodeling and schedule our services today.

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