Plans for Covered, Enclosed & Other Outdoor Living Spaces like a Sunroom in Daly City, CA

With spring time hear we tend to spend more time outside. This is the time of year where many homeowners start to get ideas to extend the backyard and improve their outdoor living space. When people think about adding an outdoor living space most people think about adding an outdoor kitchen and dining area. However, for those people who want to think outside the box a little and are looking for other ways to extend their outdoor living space Future Vision Remodeling will share a few ideas on how to create an outdoor living areas.

Screened Porch or Sunroom

Many people who like to have the benefit of both being outside and inside will design screened porches to provide just enough protection from the outer elements. You can allow enough fresh air flow but still be covered from rain and other elements while enjoying being outside. Another similar concept is a sun room which is also known as a solarium. A sunroom can be used in a number of ways it can act as greenhouse for grow a gardens. Some may want to use it as a reading or and other dining area. However, with all the windows you can feel like your outside while avoiding bad weather.

Yoga or Gym Exercise Room

For those athletic types creating an outdoor gym or yoga studio is another option for an outdoor living space. Working out outside allows for fresh air. For those who want to relax to do their stretching and meditate doing yoga outdoor is the prefect setting. All you need to a place to put your yoga mat and gym equipment. You can have a gym and yoga area built outdoor with plenty of shade but open to enjoy the fresh breeze.

Art Studio

For those artist out their creating an outdoor art studio is idea. Painting and other art material can cause fumes that can be bad to breathe in. By having an outdoor art studio can prevent fumes from building up. Additionally being outside is relaxing and good for the mind and help creativity. When creating an outdoor art studio it is important to have a covered structure with air tight storage for art supplies.


Many homeowner will have a swing set and play house for their older kids but what about younger kids that can’t quite play on them. Another consideration is creating an outdoor play area for toddler where they can play safely outside. It is often requested to for an enclosed area so little one can’t wonder ways. Their are a number of outdoor play area you can design for your younger kids to play safely outside.

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You can create many types of outdoor living spaces your can add to your back yard. There are many consideration such as water, plumbing or electrical feature to your outdoor living space. However, Future Vision Remodeling can help design and construct your outdoor living space so you can enjoy spring your way. For professional luxury remodeling services contact Future Vision Remodeling today.

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